IGNOU Centre

What is the regional Centre in IGNOU?

The Regional Centre has been defined under Section 2(J) of the IGNOU Act as under: “Regional Centre” means a Centre established or maintained by the University for the purpose of coordinating and supervising the work of the Study Centres in any region and for performing such other functions as may be conferred on such Centre by the Board of Management.

What is study Centre?

Study centres are used for classes and for conducting theory and practical exams.

What is study Centre code in IGNOU? Can you provide a list of IGNOU Regional centre, Study centres and Examination centre?

We have provided the list of IGNOU Regional Centre, Study Centres, Examination centres and Learning centres of other universities in Delhi and NCR. 

Click on this website for the list. 


How can I change my study Centre in IGNOU?

It is easier to change IGNOU Study Center within the same IGNOU Regional Center. For this change of IGNOU Study Center, we have to download the FORM below and submit it to our Regional Center.