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How to prepare IGNOU MCOM Project in a perfect way?

IGNOU MCOM Project Synopsis Report

An innovative new curriculum for a Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree that specialises in International Business Operations has been established by the School of Management Studies, which is the largest business school in the world that uses the Open Learning System. The primary goal of this curriculum is to provide students with the intellectual, entrepreneurial, and analytical abilities essential for managing business operations, with a specific emphasis on international business. The course material has an emphasis on the more practical elements of business operations. Students at IGNOU cannot finish their Master of Commerce degrees without first submitting an IGNOU MCOM Project for approval. This is the most important step. To begin, students are required to present their IGNOU MCOM Synopsis for faculty review. If the IGNOU authority agrees with the IGNOU MCOM Synopsis, the next step is to begin the project report in accordance with the IGNOU MCOM Project guidelines. Your IGNOU MCOM Project will undoubtedly grab the attention of the instructor if you choose a subject that you are passionate about, have an in-depth grasp of, and believe you can impart useful information to others about.

To start your IGNOU MCOM Project, you must keep in mind some suggestions

  • It is required that the IGNOU MCOM Project be created in accordance with the same project guidelines that were described in the brochure that was previously sent to the students along with the SLM.
  • Learners are required to ensure that they have signed the project’s original Proposal Proforma, Biodata, and summary before they can proceed with the online submission of the project. In a similar manner, the Project Guide is required to sign the original certificate as well as any additional copies, after which they must scan the copies for online submission.
  • Learners are responsible for obtaining electronic permission of the IGNOU MCOM Project Guide on the Proforma and the summary by sending an email to the relevant Regional Center. This approval may be acquired via the regional center’s official website.
  • There will be a different set of rules offered for initiatives that need to be carried out in the field. In addition, the students may get in touch with the coordinator of the programme for this reason.
  • Before the submission can be made, the paper copies of the project’s original papers need to be scanned and converted into PDF format. In addition to this, the Cover Page for the project must be formatted according to the specified requirements.
  • The selected faculty members of the regional centres will offer the students with further guidance for the viva-voce for the projects that they have been working on.

What is the correct format for IGNOU MCOM Project Report?

When you are submitting your IGNOU MCOM Project Report online, there are a few key points that you must emphasise on the cover page. These may be found in the following sentence. The title of the project report, the candidate’s name and enrolment number, the programme code, the regional centre code, the course code for which the project has been filed, the student’s email address, and their mobile phone number are all included in these particulars. The correct format that you should follow is as follows:


The title of the project itself needs to be included on the very first page of the IGNOU project report.


We have to write about the problem in this chapter. In this chapter, we have to explain what the project is all about.

Review of Literature

A literature review is a summary of all the current, in-depth research on a certain subject. Literature reviews are a type of academic writing that are often used in technical studies, sociology, and the humanities. Literature reviews, on the other hand, organise and present research that has already been done. This is different from research papers, which make new claims and promises. As a student or scholar, you can write a literature review as a separate paper or as part of a larger research project.

Research Methodology

It is a way to take care of a research problem in a planned way. It is a field of study that looks at how experiments are used in research. Basically, it is how the researchers go about their job of describing, evaluating, and predicting wonder. It means giving the research work plan. It teaches how to choose strategies, materials, logical tools, and methods that fit the way the problem is set up.


The findings of the research paper after the statistical analysis of data are reported in tabular and graphical form. This is then discussed in the light of the existing research paper studies.

Conclusion and References

Under this heading, the learner needs to sum up what the research showed. You have to use APA style when writing the references.

How to check the status of IGNOU MCOM Project?

You can simply follow the below given details in order to check the submission status of your IGNOU MCOM Project:

  • When it is released by the University, the Project Status link will be on the official IGNOU website at http://www.ignou.ac.in.
  • When you click on the link, a page will open where you’ll need to log in with your University credentials.
  • After you fill out the information and click “Submit,” the Project Status will show up on the screen.
  • You can get a copy of this status by downloading it and printing it out.
  • IGNOU students can also check the status of their project or ask about it by sending an email to projects@ignou.ac.in. This will tell them where their submitted project is at the moment.
  • IGNOU will soon post the final results of the project report and the assignments on its official website, where students can also check them.

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU MCOM Project Synopsis Report by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download


IGNOU Project

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