IGNOU Assignment Grade Card

What Is IGNOU Assignment Grade Card?

The IGNOU Assignment grade card is divided into some parts such as like 

Course Code





Term End Theory

Term End Practical


What Is Meaning Of “Not Completed” In IGNOU Grade Card?

There’s a great connection between the word “Failure” & “Not Completed” when it comes to IGNOU. Or Directly we can say that Meaning of Not Completed in IGNOU Score Card is Fail.

But most crucial part here is to make clear that not only in case of failure. But also, Not completed means – Marks Not Updated or we haven’t submitted assignments or didn’t participate in TEE (Term End Examinations). 

Is IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator: [Real or Fake?]

Mainly Official Website of Indira Gandhi National Open University is www.ignou.ac.in. Contrastingly, all other percentage calculators of IGNOU are not on IGNOU Website www.ignou.ac.in.

Rather, they are placed on other unofficial sites: www.myignou.com & www.ignoupc.blogspot.com.