IGNOU Candidate Login

What is the registration process in IGNOU student login?

If we are login first time then we have to register our self in the University. When we completed with the registration process with the University then they will provide us with the IGNOU password and username too. So that the registered candidate can follow these steps:

  • In order to register, we (candidates) will have to click on the official link given below.
  • On this page, we (candidates) will have to click on the ‘Register’ button adjacent to ‘new user’ section.
  • Thereupon, we will see a new window showing the ‘registration form’.
  • In this form, we (candidates) have to fill in details like applicant’s name, parents’ names, DOB, gender, mobile phone number, email ID, username, password and security code. 
  • Once we  have filled all the details, we will need to click on the ‘submit’ button to complete IGNOU registration 2019. 
  • Upon clicking on the ‘submit’ button, we provided with a provisional registration number. We sent the credential on their registered email ID and mobile number. The registration number will act as credentials for IGNOU student login.

What if we forget IGNOU Username 2019?

 This is the common problem among the students they usually forgot the username, then it’s a advise for us we should get write it down the IGNOU username in particular place, we don’t need to worry is we forgot the username. We can recover the user name by follow these steps given below:

  • We first need to click on the official link to retrieve their username.
  • They will be asked to enter the following details – control number, email ID, programme, and mobile number. 
  • Upon entering these details, we will get an authentication code on their registered mobile number and email ID. 
  • We will now be able to go about the username recovery procedure, with the help of the authentication code. 

What Steps we should follow for login the credentials are generated?

We can login through follow these steps, Here are the steps:

  • We first have to click on the official link given below to log in. 
  • Now, we have to enter their username and password. 
  • Next, we have to click on the ‘login’ button. 
  • Now a new page will appear wherein we need to enter their nine-digit enrolment number, programme code and code.
  • After entering these details, we need to click on ‘submit’ button. 
  • After submitting all the credentials for student login, we will be able to see their course registration details, result details, assignment papers, previous years’ question papers, and other supporting services on display. 
  • Therefore, credentials have to be retained by us until we have obtained our degree so that we are able to access all the aforementioned information.

What if we forget our IGNOU Login Password?

If we forgot our password then we don’t need to worry about this we can easy get our password back by following these steps:

  • Firstly, we have to click on the following link to recover their password. 
  • Next, we have to click on ‘forgot password’ button. 
  • After clicking on this button, a new page will appear asking for candidate’s control number, email ID, mobile number, and the security code given. 
  • After entering these details, we have to click on the ‘submit’ button. 
  • Once we click on the ‘submit’ button, we receive an authentication number.
  • Using this authentication number, we can proceed with the password recovery procedure.

What purpose does student login of IGNOU serve?

The IGNOU student login helps us to login into their registered account with the university. This is only medium by logging into the account that we can get vital information regarding their admissions like admission status and the courses they are enrolled in like assignment status, exam date sheet, exam centres, previous years’ question papers, and much more.

What are the credentials required for IGNOU student login?

We need to keep follow the credentials while going on the Student login IGNOU and here are the credentials:

  • nine-digit enrolment number, 
  •  name of the programme, 
  •  code of the course, 
  •  date of birth, 
  • given captcha code. 

What are the important Instruction of IGNOU student login?

The important instruction of the IGNOU student login is it is only upon successful registration process, that we can avail access to IGNOU student login. We need to give the correct email ID and contact number as the university will communicate vital information to students via these platforms.