IGNOU Center Code

What is regional Centre in IGNOU?

Regional Center of IGNOU is established for coordinating and supervising the work of the study center and the study center performing other functions according to the university, this established by the University for look after all the activities going on the study center.

How many type of center in IGNOU University?

There are two main of center in the IGNOU university first one is Study Center and Second one is Exam Center. Study center is where we take classes for our course and the Exam center is that where we go for the examination. 

How can we change our study center in IGNOU?

Yes, we change our study center of IGNOU, we need to visit the study center and give them a written application for changing the study center and within a one week our study center will change. We cannot change our study center through online.

How can we change my exam Centre?

Yes, we can change our exam center if we are unable to reach at that center and if its too far from our house so we can change our exam center to contact with the Regional center and given them the application explain our regions so after that our exam center we change soon.