IGNOU Confirmation Letter

When we get the confirmation mail from IGNOU?

It takes a month for IGNOU to verify the documents and confirm nomine. We should considering that we have registered our self only in August, we will get the confirmation by the end of the September or in the beginning of October. 

What if we didn’t receive the confirmation letter?

We don’t need to get worried if our confirmation letter didn’t receive. There is possibility because of administrative reasons not because of our nomination is rejected. If in case there is any issue in our form, then we will receive mail about resolve the issue.

What is confirmation letter?

The confirmation letter is that when we got done with all kinds of admission process then we receive a letter from IGNOU University that letter is called confirmation letter. If there is some issue regarding our admission then we get the mail to resolve this issue and then we receive the confirmation letter by IGNOU University.

When we receive confirmation of admission from IGNOU then we successfully removed the discrepancy?

Yes, when we receive the confirmation mail by IGNOU University our admission process is done and yes we do clear all kind of discrepancy.