IGNOU Convocation

What is the last date for the online registration for the convocation.

The Last date for online registration is 10th March 2019.

We have to register below ‘Online Registration for 32nd Convocation. 

The date of 32nd Convocation will be decided in due course of time (Keep visiting website regularly for any information updates).

What are the major things that we should consider in Convocation?

These are the instructions that we should consider in convocation:

(1) Those who have completed their Programmes in December-2017/ June-2018 Term-End Examinations are eligible for the award of original Certificate at this Convocation.

(2) Eligible students are required to register themselves for obtaining the degree/diploma certificate and pay the requisite fee through online mode only.

(3) They may attend the Convocation and collect the certificate at any of the Regional Centres or at Delhi, as per their convenience.

(4) In case, Convocation is not held in the city opted by the student, he/she will be permitted to attend the convocation in the nearby city of the Regional Centre.

(5) The fee to obtain the original Degree/diploma certificate is Rs. 600/- per certificate to be paid through online mode only.

(6) The exact date of Convocation and other details in this regard will be announced in due course of time and the registered students will be communicated separately.

(7) In case, students are NOT invited to attend the Convocation or could not attend the Convocation even after submission of the requisite fee, their certificate will be sent by post, after the Convocation.

(8) Click Here to print the acknowledgement. If we do not receive an acknowledgement, we may wait for 48 hrs.

(9) Certificate/PG Certificate Programmes students are not required to register and pay the requisite fee. Their certificate(s) will be sent by post, after the convocation.

(10) For queries, if any, and discrepancy in payment of Convocation fee contact at 011-29572209, 29572224. Also, a student may write to the following email:-