IGNOU Date Sheet 

How to download IGNOU date sheet?

(1) Visit the official website of IGNOU – www.ignou.ac.in

(2) And then, check the Alert box for IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 for Term End Exam    

(3) Click the link

(4) The date sheet will open in new tab

(5) Check and download the Date Sheet IGNOU exam form

What is the eligibility criteria for appearing in IGNOU Term End Examination 2019?

 (1) A candidate is eligible to appear in the exam, as per the above data sheet, only if he/she fulfils the following conditions.

(2) Registration is valid for that course and is not time-barred.

(3) They have to submit the assignments on time.

(4) They have to complete it in minimum time to pursue that course as per University guidelines.

(5)Application fee payment is complete for courses.

How to read the IGNOU Date Sheet December 2019?

(1) The timetable consists of exam date in the first column, day in second, course name in the third column. 

(2) The course name is coded, a short form represents the actual course name.

(3) Usually, we are aware of what our course is referred to as. 

(4) So we can simply check the date and time of exams for our course by going through the date sheet.

(5) If we have any confusion, check the code number of course. 

(6) Verify course names from IGNOU website if needed.