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IGNOU Exam Admit Card

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We got the update on the IGNOU official website regarding our admit card and we can take a print out from that and here are the steps from which we can collect the admit card by following these steps:

  • Browse the authentic web page of IGNOU.
  • When you are visiting the official page of IGNOU a new page of June IGNOU Practical Admit Card will display on the screen.
  • In the new page asking you to enter your name and registration number.
  • So just enter your name as well as register number.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • Finally, you will get you Practical Hall Ticket.
  • Then take the print copy of the Practical Admit Card of June.

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 Yes, we can collect the admit card from the Regional center, we just need to visit at the regional center.

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The IGNOU admit card is quite important for us without IGNOU admit card we can’t able to give the exams and in the admit card we get all the instructions, date sheet, timing of the exam and also the center code. The center code will help us in many ways such as at which center we need to go for the exam we can easily fine because of this.

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In the admit card we can get the information about our exam details and timing too we can also know about at which shift our exam going to held such as like morning shift or at afternoon shift.


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