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IGNOU Exam Centre

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We can choose our exam centre.

While filling the form, we got 3 options RC-1, RC-2, RC-3. Its only up-to us which option we want to choose.

So, there is no need for changing the exam centre if we are choosing our exam centre my own.

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We can appear in term-end theory exam anywhere in India. 

It depends upon the course, if practical is in the curriculum then we have to appear in the practical exam at our respective study centre.

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We can appear in term-end theory exam anywhere in India. 

It depends upon the course, if practical is in the curriculum then we have to appear in the practical exam at our respective study centre.

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Two degrees or diplomas cannot be pursued simultaneously. 

The IGNOU University Website says – Simultaneously pursuing two academic Programmes either from the same University or one from the Open University (under ODL mode) and the other from Conventional University (regular or face-to-face mode) is not permitted, as of now, except Certificate Programmes of six-month duration.

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IGNOU allows for improvement Exams.

But, it’s not compulsory. If we feel that we could do better in a given exam, we can always write to University and they will allow us to take the exam after looking at two factors:

Whether we have finished all the other exams. We cannot take an improvement exam in between.


Whether we have our overall marks of less than 50 per cent., 55 per cent, or 60 per cent. They may decide to allow that only after analyzing our real need.

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 Its 30% weight for Assignment and 70% weight for the TEE (Term-End Examination) exam for FST (Foundation Course in Science & Technology) and FHS (Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences).

For example:

If you got in FST: Assignment marks=(88+88)/2=88 so weight for assignment = 40% of 88=35

TEE marks= 42 so weight for TEE= 70% of 42=29

So total marks you got is 35+29=64

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When a student fails in Term End Examination it means he/she doesn’t complete in IGNOU grade card.

If a student fails in Assignment or Term End Theory, he/she has to resubmit the IGNOU Assignment or Reappear in the IGNOU Term End Theory Exam.

In case a learner is pass in the assignment but fails in Term End Theory; then he has to ONLY reappear in Term End Theory (No need to resubmit the assignment.  IGNOU Assignment once submitted and Passed (or completed) are valid for entire programme duration).

If the learner has passed the Term End Exam but failed in Assignment, then he has to resubmit the IGNOU assignment only ( the assignment to be resubmitted will be the fresh one). 

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The passing marks in IGNOU in any subject out of 100 are 35 in theory.

For the assignments we have to score above 50% means out of 100 we should at least get 50 marks.

If we got 35, in theory, means one passes in a subject and they have to appear for the exam again without assignments marks added one is a pass. 

But if we get below 50 in assignments one is failed in Assignments and needs to submit assignments again.

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The IGNOU grade card is a kind of marks card of the semester exams. 

It contains the student’s result of their Assignment marks, Term End Theory marks, Practical marks, Course Completion Status.

After the results got declared, the grade card appears online on the IGNOU website.