IGNOU Readmission

What is readmission at IGNOU?

When we failed to complete the program in a given duration. 

Like for BCA its three-year program and after that three more years were given to us to complete remaining/ back paper. 

So we can complete BCA in six years.

Suppose if we are unable to complete all courses in that Six year then we apply for readmission and IGNOU will give us two more years to complete remaining/back papers. 

There is a separate fee structure for readmission also for every program allotment of years is also different. 

What are the Rules and Guidelines for the readmission?


  1. Re-admission is permissible in the following cases :

(a) Students who failed to complete the requirements in full or in part within the maximum span period prescribed. 

(b) Students who failed to complete the requirement of attendance in practical as prescribed in Programme curriculum within the maximum span period prescribed.

  1. Students who do not register for all years/semesters of a Programme and fail to pay the prescribed full Programme fee during the maximum duration of the Programme are also eligible for Re-admission, provided they pay full fee for the missed year(s)/ semester(s) as per rate applicable for the session for which they seek re-admission, in addition to the pro-rata course fee for re-admission as per rate given in Table-A for each of the course(s) they failed to successfully complete within the maximum period prescribed.
  2. Course fee paid for re-admission would be valid for a period of six months/one year/two consecutive academic years or four consecutive semesters only, as given below:
  3. a) Six months    – for all Certificate Programmes of six months duration 
  4. b) One year – for all Diploma/PG Dip. Programmes of one-year duration (including BLIS, MLIS, MADE etc.)
  5. c) Two years –    for all undergraduate and post-graduate programmes whose minimum duration is of 2 years and above.
  6. The additional period indicated at point no.3 above will commence from the date of completion of the maximum duration of the Programme for which the registration was done initially.
  7. Students shall not be on rolls of the university beyond the additional period indicated at point no.3 above.
  8. The credit earned by the student towards his/her courses and assignments successfully completed shall be retained for the revalidated period, provided the syllabus and methodology now in vogue are similar to the course(s) successfully completed earlier.
  9. No study material will be supplied on re-admission. If the earlier study material is replaced, the student will be required to buy changed course material.
  10. The students will be allowed to take re-admission in the old course(s) as long as the examination in the old course(s) is conducted by the University.
  11. For the Programmes containing the practical component, the norms of fee payable will be as decided by the respective Schools.
  12. Students are required to pay the pro-rata Re-admission fee, in a lump sum, for all the courses they failed to successfully complete earlier. Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Students of BCA-MCA Integrated Programme should pay the pro-rata re-admission fee, in the lump sum, for all those courses of BCA as well as MCA that have not been successfully completed during the maximum duration of 8 years.
  13. Pro-rata fee for Re-admission would be changed as and when the University revises the Programme fee for various Programmes.
  14. Other conditions as prescribed by the University relating to the admission and re-admission shall remain the same.
  15. The Demand Draft for Re-admission fee together with the re-registration fee of the missed year(s)/semester(s), if any, should be drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at New Delhi. Then write our Enrollment No, Name and Programme code and also the words ‘Readmission’ on the reverse of the DD.

From where or how we can check our re-admission status?

We can check our Re-admission status from the website (www.ignou.ac.in > STUDENTS ZONE> Admission> Registration Status> CHECK READMISSION Status >).

How many and which programs are there in which we cannot do re-admission or give back exams?

The following programs have been wound-up and term-end examination will no longer be conducted in the old syllabus courses, hence re-admission not allowed:

(i) BCA(old syllabus) [Jan.1996, Jan.1997 & Jan.1998 batches] 

(ii) MCA(old syllabus) [pre-Jan. 2005 batches]

(iii) CIC (However Re-admission will be applicable for CIC-2 & CIC-5 for B.Com & CBS students)

(iv) BIT, (v) ADIT, (vi) MLIS (old syllabus.), (vii) BLIS (old syllabus.) & (viii) BSc (N) (old syllabus.)