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4 Phases of IGNOU DSCDM Project (MIOP-1)


IGNOU DSCDM Project (MIOP-1) curriculum strives to integrate new and creative elements with academics. This unique and creative IGNOU DSCDM Project work (MIOP-1) is a one-year study with a maximum duration of three years. The study centres will be located throughout India, depending on the number of volunteers. Initially, learners will be given with Digital Materials.

Phases of IGNOU DSCDM Project Work (MIOP-1)

The IGNOU DSCDM Project is a thorough examination of your workplace. The IGNOU DSCDM Project Work seeks to improve your capacity to analyse circumstances, and you will be asked to use what you’ve learned in various DSCDM courses during the project. It’s a method for applying what you’ve learned in different classes to real-world problems and concerns in the field of Smart City Development and Management.

IGNOU DSCDM Project work is worth six credits and would take roughly 180 hours to complete. Your project work might be anything between 10,000 and 12000 words long (60-70 pages). Keep this in mind while you decide on a project topic.

The objective is to be able to express all of your ideas within this word restriction. You have the option of writing your project in English or Hindi. We recommend that your Project Work be typed and bound.

The project will be completed in phases, as shown below. You must do research on the MIOP-1 topic that has been accepted and finalised.

Phase 1: Create an IGNOU DSCDM Synopsis

Your IGNOU DSCDM Synopsis is essentially a synopsis of the work you want to conduct and the approach you plan to apply. The first stage in writing an IGNOU DSCDM Synopsis is to select an appropriate project topic. After you’ve described the project’s main concept, timeline, and scope, you may choose a title. You should try to keep the title as short and precise as feasible. Consider your options carefully and consult with your supervisor before deciding on a project topic.

Phase 2: IGNOU DSCDM Synopsis Submission

You must submit a written copy of your IGNOU DSCDM Proposal along with the Project Proposal form after selecting the project work option. You should double-check that your Academic Counselor or the Teacher/Professional/Researcher who has agreed to function as your Supervisor has signed the P.P form for your IGNOU MIOP-1 Synopsis.

The Programme Coordinator will approve the IGNOU DSCDM proposal. After the project proposal has been accepted, you may begin working on the project. If it is recommended that you update the IGNOU MIOP-1 synopsis, include the faculty members’ ideas and criticisms into your revised proposal.

Phase 3: Creating an IGNOU DSCDM Project Report

Originality and clarity are the two most important aspects of every endeavour. Keep in mind that your analytical and communication abilities will be assessed as part of your assignment. This writing style is beneficial for not just recalling memories and presenting stories, but also for organising your ideas.

Keep the following elements in mind while you write your IGNOU DSCDM Project report:

• The subject matter of the project determines the scope of the Project Work. The Project Work should, however, be kept to a normal word count of 10000–12000 words (60–70 pages). You can write your project work in Hindi or English.

• Your report should be divided into four or five chapters. Sections and Subsections are divided into each chapter. This gives your project a distinct base and prevents different ideas from flowing into different areas.

• An introduction is necessary because it establishes the project’s precise starting point. After that, the Aims and Objectives should be stated succinctly.

• To some part, the quality of your project is determined by the strength of your approach. As a result, the process must be defined clearly. To be more detailed, methodology refers to I the study’s theoretical viewpoints and logic of inquiry, (ii) data gathering techniques, and (iii) data analysis tools or processes.

• A summary of other researchers’ comparable or significant research projects/studies.

• Your views should be logically related and ended at the end of each section. It’s important to keep the links between different parts intact.

• At the end of each chapter, a paragraph titled ‘Summing Up’ should be included.

• Write the project in your own words, using basic vocabulary and brief sentences whenever feasible; • Organize your findings according to the purpose. • Cite and correctly reference pictures, maps, schematics, and illustrations when appropriate.

Phase 4: Submitting the IGNOU DSCDM Project Report

Prepare two copies of your IGNOU DSCDM Report and send one to the following address with a cover letter for review:

Assistant Registrar (Project Section),

Project Section,

Student Evaluation Division,

Indira Gandhi National Open University,

Maidan Garhi,

New Delhi 110068,

Because IGNOU will not return your Project Work, keep a copy with you at all times. Ascertain that the statements contained in Annexures ‘B’ and ‘C’ in your IGNOU DSCDM Report have been signed by both you and your Supervisor.

Please keep in mind that the IGNOU DSCDM Report is part of your Term-End Examination (TEE), and the Project Work will be evaluated with 100 points in the following manner.

Download Links for IGNOU MIOP-1 Project Synopsis Sample Pdf and IGNOU MIOP-1 Project Report Sample Pdf

To download the IGNOU MIOP-1 Project & IGNOU MIOP-1 Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;


IGNOU Project

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