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A Complete Guide to Make IGNOU MPCE 26 Project

The IGNOU MAPC Project includes a 6-credit course, i.e., the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project. This course asks you to do a project on any subject of your choice, depending on the specialist group you have selected, such as the IGNOU MA Counseling Psychology Project. Here we are going to discuss the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project (Counselling Psychology).  Because the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project is worth 6 credits, you must put in at least 180 hours to finish this IGNOU MAPC Project course (one credit is equal to 30 hours of study).

IGNOU MAPC Project work is a piece of research work in which you, under the direction of an instructor, create an IGNOU MAPC synopsis for the subject of the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project. Once the IGNOU MAPC summary has undergone evaluation and received approval, the subsequent stage involves collecting and scrutinizing the data, followed by presenting the findings in the format of a dissertation. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of thoroughly reading the entire project handbook, dedicating your complete focus to successfully completing the project on time, and gaining a thorough understanding of the methods involved.

Format for IGNOU MPCE 26 Project

The project summary serves as a road map for the work you’ll be doing. In order to complete the project, you will need to choose a field of study that interests you. After consulting with your mentor, you’ll be able to narrow down your project’s focus. It’s essential that you go through a slew of research materials and data on the subject of your choice. There are numerous publications, books, and websites available for consultation in this regard. When it comes to writing your synopsis’s introduction, literature review, and research methods sections, this will help you better comprehend the subject matter. The topic should be specific and focused in order to be completed within the designated timeframe.

To make a good project outline, you need to follow these steps:

  • Title page: You have to write the title of the project, name of the learner, enrolment number, study centre, regional centre, year and name of the guide.
  • Introduction: This part should introduce the learner’s chosen subject. It may also provide a concise summary of the variables collected.
  • Review of Literature: You will mention many papers linked to your study effort in this area in a methodical and organised way. The literature review should be written in a logical and orderly manner, not in bullet points. The goal here is to explore the linked research rather than just cite it.
  • Methodology: Methodology consists of the following components: the research topic, the objectives, the hypothesis/es, the operational definition, the sample, the research design, the tests/tools for data collecting, and the data analysis procedures.

Sample Topics for the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project

Following are some of the sample topics that you can choose for IGNOU MPCE 26 Project:

  • Satisfaction with the Job and Productivity among Police Force Employees linked to organisational commitment, job satisfaction, and performance.
  • Concern for a Negative Evaluation in Students: The Role of Low Self-Esteem, Dissatisfaction with the Body, and Gender.
  • A study of the influence of developmental psychology on the academic performance of secondary school students in OREDO local government area of EDO state.
  • The factors responsible for students academic performance in public secondary schools.
  • Influence of gender and locality on the attitude of adolescents towards aids
  • The Impact of Counseling on Academic Achievement and Study Habits of Underachievers
  • The Influence of School Environment, Home Environment, and Study Habits on Academic Achievements of Scheduled Caste Students
  • Adolescent Students’ Emotional Intelligence, Learning Styles, and Academic Achievement in the Tenth Grade
  • To study the relationship between exam stress and personality, intelligence, and achievement motivation in school children.
  • Different Dimensions Of Girls Empowerment Among Government And Private Higher Secondary School: A Comparative Study

How do I carry out the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project?

You must completely study the literature, comprehend it, and be extremely clear about the region in which you will conduct the project work. You must conduct and complete the research in an ethical way. The chosen study subject will determine the size and makeup of the sample. You will also need to choose appropriate standardized tests and tools for data collection.

For data collection, you will need to contact the proper agencies and organizations. You should get permission from these groups or bodies. Appendix VII has a reference letter in this respect. The information should be gathered and documented in a methodical way.

The obtained data is next analyzed, and the project dissertation is prepared in the manner specified in Section 7.0. Every visit to a library or institution for reference work, as well as every visit to a school, hospital, or organization for data collection, must be documented in the manner outlined in Appendix VIII.

The following chapters must be included in the final project report or dissertation:

Title Page

Certificates of originality and completion


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Review of Literature
  • Chapter 3: Rationale of the study
  • Chapter 4: Methodology
  • Chapter 5: Results and Discussion
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion and Implications
  • Chapter 7: Delimitations, Limitations and Future Suggestions



Before binding the IGNOU MPCE 26 Project Report, you should verify that it has the following information in its original form:

a) Approved IGNOU MPCE 26 Synopsis Proposal Proforma

b) Approved IGNOU MPCE 26 Synopsis Proposal

c) Certificate of Originality

d) Certificate of Completion

e) Record of visits/activities carried out by the learner

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You can also download the sample project for MAPC (MPCE 26) by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download


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