BSHF 101 Assignment

How we can get the IGNOU BSHF 101 Assignment?

Chakradhar Publication provides the IGNOU BSHF 101 Assignment and we can buy the Assignment from their Website.

What are the quality of assignment we get by Chakradhar Publication?

The quality of Assignment is quite impressive and the matter of the assignment is good. If we purchase the Assignment online so Chakradhar Publication provides the soft copy.

How we can get the hard copy of the assignment?

 If we want to purchase the hard copy of the assignment so we need to visit the Chakradhar Publication’s Office.

What is the last date of submission the Assignment?

BSHF 101 Assignment submission last date is for June 2019 exam: 15th March 2019 and for December 2019 exam: 15th September 2019.

Where we need to submit the BSHF 101 assignment?

We need to submit the assignment to the study center before the submission of assignment we need to consider some points such as the assignment should completely solved and we should submit the assignment according to the IGNOU assignment date. After all these points we just need to submit the assignment to the study center and after the submission we also get the submission receipt of BSHF 101 Assignment.

In which medium Chakradhar Publication provides the assignment?

The Chakradhar Publication provides the assignment in both Hindi and English