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The concern for bio-medical waste management has been felt globally with indiscriminate disposal of health care waste and the rise in deadly infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis-B. The need to educate different health care professionals/ workers about health care waste management is thus very important. To cater to the needs of these health care professionals, the School of Health Sciences, IGNOU and WHO, SEARO have developed a Certificate Programme in Health Care Waste Management in the South-East Asia Region Countries.

The programme aims to:

  • Sensitize the learners about health care waste and its impact on our health and environment.
  • Acquaint the learner about the existing legislation, knowledge and practices regarding health care waste management in South-East Asia Region countries.    
  • Equip the learner with skills to manage health care waste effectively and safely

Eligibility: Minimum of 10+2 qualification

Target Group: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Health Managers and other professional workers working in health  care institutions.

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 6 months and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs.3,000/- for full programme.

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
Compulsory Courses  
BHM-101 Fundamentals:
Environment and
Health, Health Care
Waste Management
BHM-102 Health Care Waste
Management :
Technologies and
Optional Courses
(Choose any two)
BHME-101 Inter-relationship
between Health and
BHME-102 Worker Safety and
Patient Safety
BHME-103 Current Status of
Health Care Waste
Management and
Legislation in the
Regional Countries
BHME-104 Managerial and
Systems Approach
BHME-105Special Considerations
of Waste Management
BHME-106 Administrative and
Legal Aspects of
Waste Management
BHMP-101 Project 2
BHML-101 Workshop 2
Total Credits 16

There are two compulsory courses (BHM101 and BHM102) and eight optional (elective/project/practical) courses. A student is required to take the two compulsory courses and any two of the optional courses. The program has a blended approach. The program package consists of self-instructional material in the form of block/ booklets, audio-video material, and web support. The students opting for the workshop course will be required to undergo a compulsory 2-3 days workshop (as planned by the Programme Study Centre).

The student will be allotted a program study center keeping in view the choice and availability of center. In case applications of eligible candidates are more than the number of seats, the marks of 10+2 or equivalent will be considered for making the merit. In case of a tie between two candidates, the one of senior age will be given preference.

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