Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture (CSLC) | School of Foreign Language (SOFL)

The programme aims at those prospective learners who are interested in learning Spanish language in a non-native context and who desire to receive culture information on the Spanish-speaking countries.

The general objective of this programme is that the learners acquire language skills (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and basic communicative competence, both in oral and written communications) as well as socio-cultural competence in the target language that will in enable them to communicate effectively with the Spanish-speaking world in the activities related to daily life.

The curriculum of this programme is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) by the Council of Europe for all European Languages and it is expected that those completing this programme will achieve the A1 level of communicative competence.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • In this course students will develop their linguistic and socio-cultural competencies, at the beginner level, in the target language that will allow them to communicate with Spanish speakers in the activities related to daily life.
  • In this course students will develop communication skills at the breakthrough level, which will allow them to establish a successful communication related to daily life tasks.

Eligibility: 10+2 pass, with the knowledge of English

Medium of Instruction: Spanish and English

Duration: Minimum 6 months; Maximum 2 Years, offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 4,500/- for full programme

Course Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
BSL-1 Basics of Spanish
Language and
BSL-2 Basics of Spanish
Language and
Total Credits 16

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