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How can you start composing an IGNOU MPB Project?


The low tuition and high return on investment make the IGNOU MPB PROJECT the top choice among working professionals worldwide. Professionals in the banking and financial industries have flocked to IGNOU’s MBA programme in recent years. Different from any other online or on-campus MBA programme, this one serves a unique purpose.

Banking and Finance covers both contemporary economics and banking and finance. This introductory course covers a wide range of economic topics, including banking, financial intermediation, financial markets and institutions, and accounting.

The curriculum IGNOU’s Master of Project in Banking and Finance (MPB PROJECT) provides an interesting and informative introduction to key areas of study in the field of banking and finance. As part of the IGNOU MBA Banking and Finance Project, students have to do their own study on a topic of their choice in order to finish the IGNOU MPB Synopsis and IGNOU MPB Report.


Project work is a very significant component of this lower-level academic course in order to acquire in-depth information. The following list provides examples of some of the most significant topic titles:

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  • The financial performance of HDFC Bank’s Punj Lloyd Ltd. and L&T Ltd., two Indian infrastructure companies
  • A Research Report on Housing Financing Conducted by Sundaram Home Finance Ltd in New Delhi
  • A Comparison Study to Assess and Evaluate the Financial Performance of Certain Banks Operating in India’s Public and Private Sector
  • An Investigation on the Economic Effectiveness of Certain Infrastructure Businesses in India


To ensure the acceptance of your project, it is essential to submit a document called a project proposal or an IGNOU MPB synopsis. Your project’s proposal should include all of the essential information about it.

If you need help with putting up the project proposal, you can use the following format:.

  • The proposed project’s name
  • Review of the Previous Research and Background Information
  • The motivation for the Research
  • The goals of the research are as follows:
  • This is the study’s working hypothesis. As much as any research methodology: the population, the tests or tools, and the data that will be used.
  • References/Bibliography

The next step in the process would be to submit your IGNOU MPB report once you have finished the IGNOU MPB synopsis.


The type of project topic that you decide to concentrate on for your work greatly affects the length of the IGNOU MBA Banking and Finance Report. On the other hand, it is preferable that the report on the project be around 100 pages long, typed with double spacing, and printed on A4-sized paper.

The IGNOU MBA MPB Report should be put together in the way shown below:


On the very first page of the report, you should put the project title, the candidate’s name, address, registration number, and the year.

  • Certificate/Acknowledgment
  • Listing of Contents (Table of)
  • Overview

The introduction is the first line of every paper that a student or researcher writes. It should be able to provide the reader with a sense of what the issue is all about, how the topic emerged, and what inspired the researcher to take up the topic. This part provides the reader with the beginning of the piece of thread so that they may follow it. Including the reason and objective of the study in the introduction is necessary. The first paragraph of a piece of writing you’ve written is called the introduction.

Literary review

The term “literature review” refers to a type of academic publication that summarises the current state of knowledge for a certain subject, encompassing both empirical discoveries and theoretical and methodological contributions to the field. Literature reviews are classified as secondary sources as they do not present newly completed or original research.


This section will elucidate the rationale for doing a specific project. Doing this step might help to bolster the justifications for carrying out your investigation. The goal of the study can’t just be written in the statement of purpose; that would be too easy.


The primary objective of the investigation will be summarised in this section. In addition to this, you will find a hypothesis, which is a conjectural statement concerning the connection of cause and effect between the independent factors and the dependent variables. A hypothesis may be defined as a statement that makes a certain kind of prediction. A single piece of research could test one or more hypotheses.


The study process for this project includes taking work samples, using various tests and instruments, and doing statistical analysis. The selection of the topic will dictate both the magnitude and makeup of the sample that is collected. Research methodology encompasses the specific techniques or approaches used to identify, choose, handle, and assess relevant information related to a certain topic.While writing a research paper, including a part on the methodology gives the reader the opportunity to critically analyse the overall validity and dependability of a study.

The Outcome And Discussion

The research findings are presented in tabular and graphical formats after conducting statistical analysis on the collected data. This is then analyzed in the context of the previous research investigations that have been carried out. Furthermore, the discussion revolves around the implications of the findings.


The learner is responsible for drawing appropriate conclusions from the research in this section.


This section discusses the constraints and limits that were placed on the research.


The learner is able to make recommendations for more research in a specific field on the basis of the findings of the research.


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