IGNOU Classes

Do we need to attend the classes in IGNOU

 It’s not mandatory to attend the class in IGNOU but we need the minimum attendance for the exams so, we should attendant the class and in courses which doesn’t have practical classes, attendance needed. We just need to visit the study center for the submission of the assignment.  

Dose IGNOU provides the Online classes?

Yes, IGNOU provides the online classes, for IGNOU online classes we should go to the IGNOU official website. From IGNOU official website we can easily take the online classes.

Where the IGNOU classes held?

We need to go to the study center for taking the classes. Study center is allotted by the IGNOU University. So in that study center we need to go for the classes.

How can we change our study center in IGNOU?

Yes, we change our study center of IGNOU, we need to visit the study center and give them a written application for changing the study center and within a one week our study center will change. We cannot change our study center through online.