IGNOU Degree Certificate

What is the process of getting an original IGNOU degree certificate?

Ans. Firstly we have to make clear that we completed our course. When our exams and assignment all are cleared then after the result to obtain an original degree we have to wait atleast six to twelve months for the convocation to be conducted by IGNOU and we have to pay a nominal fee of rs 600–900 for getting registered for convocation and obtaining certificate.

Is there is any procedure we can get our degree at home?

Yes, we can get our degree at home if we didn’t attend the convocation by IGNOU University then the Degree certificate will be send to your home address.

If we didn’t get the Degree Certificate at home?

 In case we didn’t get degree certificate delivered at our home, then there is not an issue we need to visit at the IGNOU office at maidan garhi, delhi and show id card given by university and ask for our degree certificate. They will check your details and provide your degree certificate. But the condition will be that we have paid convocation fees.