IGNOU Entrance Exam

In which courses the entrance exam required in the IGNOU University?

The IGNOU University conducts entrance exam of four courses B.Sc Nursing (Post Basic), B.Ed., M.Ed and MBA.

Which type of Entrance Exam conduct by IGNOU University?

The entrance exam will be the MCQ type question. The Multiple Choice Question will be asked in the IGNOU entrance exam.

What the entrance exam is for?

The entrance exam is for to know the capability of us and also know about the IQ of us. This exam also increases our knowledge and we got to learn a lots of new things about our subjects.

How entrance exam design?

It is an aptitude test designed to assess the candidate’s aptitude in Management. Since there are 4 separate sections for OPENMAT and all four of them being very different in nature, this article will have a section dedicated for each topic. Each section will comprehensively cover the strategies, and tips for getting an in-depth knowledge of the subject and other resources. OPENMAT entrance test administered by IGNOU tests our overall eligibility to be in the management field. We should be able to function well in all the four areas tested in OPENMAT.