IGNOU Gyankosh

What is gyankosh?

Egyankosh or gyankosh is a one thing and it is a National Digital Repository of IGNOU to store, index, preserve, distribute and share the digital learning resources developed by the Open and Distance Learning Institutions in the country.

Further information clicks the link:


What are the instructions to view and download the IGNOU study material?

We have to  register to View/Download IGNOU Study Material at


  1. a) Select registration type and press <GO Key>
  2. b) Fill Your Form.
  3. c) After that go to at


After Registration and login

The following steps are used to view/download IGNOU study material.

At search repository window (Top Left Corner)

  1. a) Type Course Code or Course name or relevant Keyword and press <enter Key>
  2. b) Click on Course code/Course name to View/Download (under Community hits)
  3. c) Click on respective blocks
  4. d) Click on respective links (under List of Items)
  5. e) Click on ‘View/Open’ button to View/Download the Study Material

How can we download IGNOU study material?

We can download IGNOU study material through http://egyankosh.ac.

in website.

Can we get the books or study material at home delivery?

We can get the book at home but for this we need to pay some extra amount.

Which courses of books we can download by egyankosh?


We can download each and every course of books or study material from gyankosh. And this is very easy to download from egyankosh this website is free of cost for everyone.