About IGNOU MACSR Project

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India’s Master of Arts in Corporate Social Responsibility (MACSR) program includes the IGNOU MACSR Project (MEDSP 51) as a required component. The design integrates theoretical knowledge of CSR with practical application.

Some Project Topics for IGNOU MACSR Project

  • A Theoretical Study on Corporate Governance in Telecom Sector
  • A Study on E Governance and E Security in Information Security

What steps are involved in the IGNOU MACSR project?

Selecting a Topic:

  • Choose a topic that aligns with your interests within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Consider the feasibility of research – data availability, access to relevant organizations, and time constraints.
  • Ensure the topic aligns with the course curriculum and objectives of the MEDSP 51 program.

Developing a Research Plan:

  • Formulate clear research objectives that define what you aim to achieve through your project.
  • Outline your research methodology – how you will collect data (surveys, interviews, case studies etc.).
  • Develop a data analysis plan – how you will analyze the collected information to draw conclusions.

Data Collection:

  • Gather information based on your chosen methodology.
  • Conducting surveys or questionnaires.
  • Interviewing relevant stakeholders like company officials or NGOs.
  • Studying case studies of CSR initiatives.
  • Collecting data from credible sources like government reports or academic journals.

Data Analysis:

  • Organize and analyze the collected data using appropriate methods. This could involve statistical analysis, thematic analysis for qualitative data, or a combination of techniques.
  • Identify trends, patterns, and key insights from your data analysis.
  • Prepare a well-structured report that presents your research journey.
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce CSR, your chosen topic, and research objectives.
  • Literature Review: Summarize relevant academic literature and theoretical frameworks related to your topic.
  • Research Methodology: Explain your chosen methods for data collection and analysis.
  • Data Analysis and Findings: Present your analyzed data, key findings, and interpretations.
  • Discussion: Analyze your findings in the context of existing CSR knowledge and theories.
  • Conclusion and Recommendations: Summarize your key points, offer recommendations based on your research, and suggest areas for further study.
  • Ensure your report adheres to IGNOU formatting and referencing guidelines.


Submit your completed report electronically or as a hard copy following the latest IGNOU submission procedures. Double-check the university website for updated submission instructions.

Can you change your IGNOU MACSR project topic after it has been approved?

Whether you can change your MEDSP 51 project topic after approval depends on several factors:

Stage of Project Development: If you’re at an early stage – just after topic approval – it might be easier to switch compared to when you’ve made significant progress on the original topic.

Reasons for change: A strong justification for the change will be helpful. Did you encounter unforeseen data limitations, or did a new, more interesting area of research emerge?

University Regulations: IGNOU might have specific guidelines regarding topic changes. Consult the official program guide or handbook for details.

Here’s what you can do:

Contact Your Project Coordinator: Discuss the reason for wanting to change the topic with your project coordinator or advisor. Explain the challenges with the current topic and how the new one aligns better with your research interests.

Get Written Approval: Obtain written confirmation if your coordinator approves the change to avoid any confusion later.

Be Prepared to Explain: Be prepared to explain the rationale for the change to IGNOU officials if they inquire, if necessary.

Additional Considerations:

Impact on Project Timeline: Changing the topic might cause delays. Ensure you have sufficient time to complete the project with the new topic.

Data Collection and Analysis: Consider how much work you’ve already done on the approved topic. Can you adapt any of it to the new topic, or will you need to start data collection afresh?

How and when should you submit your IGNOU MACSR project proposal?

The specific process for submitting your MEDSP 51 project proposal can vary depending on the latest university guidelines. Here’s how to ensure you have the most up-to-date information:

Refer to official sources:

IGNOU Website: Visit the IGNOU website (https://ignou.ac.in/) and navigate to the School of Social Sciences (SOS) or the department handling CSR programs (titles might vary). You should find contact information and email addresses for this department.

Program Guide or Handbook: The IGNOU MACSR program guide or handbook might have a dedicated section outlining the project proposal submission process. Look for keywords like “project proposal”, “submission guidelines”, or “supervisor approval”.

Here’s a general guideline based on past practices:

Supervisor Approval: The project proposal typically requires approval from your assigned project supervisor before submission to IGNOU.

Proposal Format: The proposal might need to adhere to a particular format that IGNOU provides. This format might include sections for:

  • Project Title
  • Introduction and Background
  • Research Objectives
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology (data collection methods)
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Timeline
  • References

Submission Process:

In the past, submission might have involved:

  • Submitting a hard copy of the proposal along with your supervisor’s approval signature to your regional center or the School of Social Sciences (SOS) department at IGNOU headquarters.
  • Uploading a soft copy of the proposal through a designated online portal (if available).

What if you need to make changes to your submitted IGNOU MACSR project report?

Making changes to your submitted MACSR project report after the deadline is usually not possible. The evaluation process typically follows a strict schedule.

There are a few exceptions, depending on the specific circumstances:

  • Minor Revisions: If your supervisor identifies very minor errors or formatting issues after initial evaluation, there might be a chance to rectify them within a short timeframe.
  • Project Not Approved: You will have an opportunity to revise your project report based on the feedback provided if it is not approved in the first evaluation. You’ll have a specific deadline to resubmit the revised report.

Here’s what you can do if you realize you need to make changes:

  • Contact Your Supervisor Immediately:  Explain the situation and the changes you need to make. Your supervisor can guide you on the appropriate course of action.
  • Check IGNOU Guidelines: Refer to the official IGNOU handbook or project work guidelines for any updates on revision policies.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: When revising, follow your supervisor’s or IGNOU’s recommendations.

It’s important to remember:

  • Always prioritize submitting a complete and well-edited project report within the deadline to avoid such situations.
  • Maintain good communication with your supervisor throughout the project development process to ensure you’re on the right track.

What happens after you submit your MEDSP 51 project report?

After you submit your MACSR project report, here’s what typically happens:

Evaluation Process:

Initial Screening: IGNOU will receive your report and perform an initial screening to ensure it meets basic submission requirements (format, completeness, etc.).

Evaluation by Experts: The report will then be assigned to qualified evaluators who are subject matter experts in CSR.

Assessment Criteria: They will assess your project based on various criteria, including:

Topic Selection and Relevance: Clarity and significance of the chosen CSR issue.

Research Methodology:  Appropriateness and effectiveness of your research methods

Data Analysis and Findings: Quality of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Report Structure and Writing: Organization, clarity, and adherence to formatting guidelines.

Originality and Critical Thinking: Depth of analysis and unique insights presented.

Possible Outcomes:

Project Approval: The evaluation criteria will approve your project if it meets them.You might receive a grade or simply a notification of successful completion.

Revision Required: If your project requires revisions, you’ll be informed about the specific areas needing improvement. You’ll be given a timeframe to resubmit the revised report.

Viva Voce (Optional): In some cases, you might be called for a viva voce (oral examination) to discuss your project findings and address any queries from the evaluators.


The exact timeline for the evaluation process can vary depending on IGNOU’s workload and semester schedules. It’s generally recommended to inquire with your regional center for an estimated timeframe.

What happens if your IGNOU MACSR project report is not approved?

If your project report requires revision, you’ll be given the opportunity to make the necessary corrections and resubmit it within a stipulated timeframe.

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