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IGNOU MAPY Project Dissertation & IGNOU MPYP-1 Synopsis

The preparation of the IGNOU MAPY Project Dissertation and the IGNOU MPYP-1 Synopsis based on the investigations conducted is a major purpose of research.
These general rules should be kept in mind when you prepare your IGNOU MAPY Project Dissertation and IGNOU MPYP-1 Synopsis.
To make a piece of paper readable
• Use a 12-point standard typeface, such as Times, Geneva, Bookman, or Helvetica, when printing or typing.
• Text should be double spaced on 8 1/2″ x 11″ single-sided paper with 1 inch margins.
• Number pages consecutively

• Begin each new section on a new page

• Stick to recommended page limits (50 pages)

• Stay focused on the research topic of the paper

• Use paragraphs to separate each important point (except the abstract)

• Indent the first line of each paragraph

• Present your points in logical order

• Use present tense to report well-accepted facts; for example, ‘the sky is blue.’ Use the past tense to explain specific outcomes, such as “In 1783, Kant wrote the Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics to summarize his main points.”
The following divisions must be meticulously constructed in every written report or document:.
Page Title: Choose an informative title similar to the samples in your writing portfolio example package. Include all writers’ full names and addresses, as well as the name(s) of the guide(s) and the date submitted.
Declaration of the researcher
If a student is conducting research as part of a degree requirement, he may be required to make a declaration.
Certificate from the researcher’s supervisor
Again, in the instance of a student’s research effort, his research supervisor must attest that it was a record of the student’s independent research activity.
Preface: The summary should be no more than 200 words long. And it should generally be confined to one paragraph. The abstract’s objective is to provide a quick overview of the report’s principal findings to an interested reader.
Acknowledgement: Explain briefly why the topic was chosen for research and thank those who assisted the student in completing this dissertation.
The following is the table of contents: Follow either the scheme -1 or scheme -2 model.
Introduction: The objective of an introduction is to familiarize the reader with the rationale behind the work in order to defend it. It situates the work from a theoretical perspective, allowing the reader to comprehend and appreciate your goals.
Principal Chapters: The major body of the study paper is contained in these.
Conclusion: As a result of the research, take the primary train of thought or argument from each chapter and summarize it into concluding sentences. It could also be a place to suggest some research and subsequent investigations.
Endnotes (if no footnotes are used)
Appendix (if applicable)
(If applicable) index
Bibliography: In alphabetical order by first author, list every piece of literature cited in the study. Only primary material (original research publications written by the original investigators) is used in a legitimate research paper. Be cautious when utilizing websites as references; anyone can post anything on a website, and we have no way of knowing if it is true or not.
Use the journal citation (name, volume, year, and page numbers) when citing an online journal. Some articles may not require references; if this is the case, simply mention that “no references were consulted.”



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    Which is the address to which the Project Report to be sent

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    How to write project report any sample and on which address to send it

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  3. sneha
    February 27, 2021 Reply

    Respected sir/madam,

    (Myself, Ms. Sneha Hattangadi, IGNOU Student, Enrollment ID – 195558511, MAPY student.)

    I have re-registered myself in July 2020 for MAPY Year 2 & would be giving my Year 2 TEE in June 2021. I would appreciate if you could let me know the deadline for submission of my IGNOU assignments.

    Since I have opted for Dissertation as one of my subjects in Year 2 MAPY, I will need to know the guidelines for my Dissertation Project. As per IGNOU instructions, students would be connected to a specific supervisor or guide for the project work. However, I have not received any such information. Since very little time is left for the examinations and submissions, I request you to kindly help me with the details about the Dissertation Project at the earliest possible.

    Looking forward to your immediate response.

    Thank you.


    Sneha Hattangadi

    Contact: 9167110607

    Enrollment ID – 195558511

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    how to write dissertation project?please any sample send me sir/madum

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    Please tell me sir, how I pay my project fees regarding to TEE-23 ?
    I’m student of MAPY Section
    ( Philosophy ) , so tell me how can I do to submit fees?

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