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About the IGNOU MPA Project

The IGNOU MPA Project, which is also known as MPAP 2 (Project Work), is an important part of the Indira Gandhi National Open University’s Master of Arts in Public Administration study. Students in the IGNOU MPA Program can use the theoretical information they’ve gained in class to solve a real-world problem or learn more about a topic in the field of public administration. The IGNOU MPA project is a big academic project that helps students learn by letting them do real-world study. It takes hard work, thorough study, and following the rules for schoolwork. Students who finish the project well not only meet a key requirement of the IGNOU MPA Project, but they also gain useful skills and knowledge about public administration.

Can you use primary data in your IGNOU MPA Project?

Primary data is a good option for projects that need original data to answer a specific question. This is more accurate and reliable than secondary data because it comes from a direct source. This makes it ideal for the real-time collection of events or process monitoring.

Primary data sources have some drawbacks, such as being time-consuming, costly, difficult to access, or requiring special skills or equipment. However, in many instances, the benefits outweigh the associated costs.

Primary data sources allow you to tailor your data collection to your specific research question, and to obtain original and relevant insights. Primary sources can include:

  • Texts of laws and other original documents
  • An enumerator conducting a household survey
  • Respondents completing a survey
  • Participants in a focus group

What kind of topics can you choose for your IGNOU MPA Project?

Here are some topics you can choose for your MPAP 2 project:

  • The status of scheduled castes and tribes in rural areas
  • A study of human rights violations in police custody
  • Public policy in India and the role of bureaucracy
  • Assessment, evaluation, or appraisal of disasters
  • Hospital emergency services in disasters

When choosing a topic, you can consider:

  • Whether it’s relevant to your area and career path
  • Whether it’s related to current events or real-world problems, ,
  • Whether it piques your interest

Your project synopsis should be:

  • Precise and brief
  • Related to your line of work
  • Discuss the topic, its broad scope, and why it’s significant
  • Clarify essential concepts in the opening
  • Developed and approved in consultation with the project supervisor

How is the IGNOU MPA Project evaluated?

The IGNOU MPA Project Report (MPAP 002) is evaluated by assigning the following weights:

  • 10%: Clarity of topic
  • 10%: Language, coherence, style, etc.
  • 15%: Clarity of objectives
  • 20%: Methodology
  • 25%: Analysis and interpretation
  • 10%: Conclusions/inferences
  • 10%: References

Additionally, the following evaluates the report:

  • Selecting tests and tools based on the research objectives
  • Analyzing the data collected with the help of tests and tools using appropriate statistical techniques

The IGNOU MPA synopsis should include major sections like

  • The title
  • The rationale behind the proposed topic
  • Objectives of the study
  • Review to relevant literature
  • Outline of the research plan
  • Methods used to complete the study
  • Chapter outline
  • Preliminary bibliography

Who needs to complete the IGNOU MPA Project?

Students need to complete the MPA Project to obtain an IGNOU MA Public Administration degree. The project aims to give students practical experience and the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in public administration.

Here are some things to know about the MPA Project:

  • Students should choose a research topic that aligns with their interests and career aspirations.
  • Students should write a project proposal that includes their research question, objectives, methodology, and a brief literature review.
  • Most projects must be undertaken under the supervision of a project supervisor.
  • Students must get their supervisor’s approval before submitting their project to IGNOU for examination.
  • Students can submit their synopsis by post or by visiting the head office.
  • After submission, it takes one month for the synopsis to be approved.
  • Students have a maximum duration for their course. If that is not completed, then they can submit their project with their juniors.

Is there a specific format you should follow for your final project report?

Yes, for the IGNOU MPA Project (MPAP 2), there is a specific format that students are expected to follow for their final project report. While it’s essential to check the latest guidelines provided by IGNOU for any updates or changes, the general format often includes the following elements:

  • Title Page: The title page should include the project title, your name, enrollment number, the program (MPA), and the name of the university (IGNOU). It may also require your study center’s information and the submission date.
  • Declaration and Certificate

       Declaration: A statement by you declaring that the work is original and has not been               submitted elsewhere for any other degree/diploma.

       Certificate: A certification from your supervisor acknowledging their supervision and the   originality of your work.

  • Acknowledgements: Here, you thank those who helped you during your project, including your supervisor, faculty members, and anyone else who provided support.
  • Abstract: A brief overview of your project, including the research question, methodology, key findings, and conclusions. This is usually about 250-300 words.
  • Table of Contents: List of chapters, sections, and sub-sections with page numbers. Include lists of tables and figures if applicable.
  • Introduction: Introduction to the topic, stating the research problem, objectives, and significance of the study.
  • Literature Review: A review of existing research relevant to your topic, summarizing key findings, theories, and gaps your project aims to address.
  • Methodology: Detailed description of the research design, data collection methods, and analysis techniques. This section should justify the choices made and discuss any limitations.
  • Results and Discussion: Presentation of the findings, followed by a discussion that interprets the results in the context of the literature review and research objectives.
  • Conclusion and Recommendations: Summary of the research findings, their implications, and recommendations for future research or policy.
  • References/Bibliography: A list of all the sources cited in your project, formatted according to a specified citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).
  • Appendices: Include any supplementary material, such as questionnaires, interview guides, additional data, or charts, in the appendices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for IGNOU MPA Project (MPAP 2)

Where can I find examples of past MPAP-2 projects?

Some departments or libraries may keep archives of past projects. You can also ask your supervisor or the program coordinator if they can provide access to examples. These can serve as valuable references for understanding the structure and depth of research expected in an MPAP-2 project.

Can I publish my MPAP-2 project findings?

You may publish your findings with the appropriate permissions from IGNOU and under the guidance of your supervisor. It is important to acknowledge IGNOU and the MPA program in your publication.

What is the deadline for submitting the MPAP-2 project?

The deadline for submitting the MPAP-2 project can vary from one academic session to another. It’s crucial to check the official IGNOU website or contact your program coordinator for the most current deadlines.

How do I find a supervisor for my MPAP-2 project?

IGNOU may assign a supervisor to you based on the area of your project, or you may be required to find a supervisor who has expertise in your chosen topic. It’s best to consult with your program coordinator or department to understand the process and get assistance in finding a suitable supervisor.

What should I do if I face difficulties during my project?

If you encounter challenges, reach out to your project supervisor or advisor for guidance. They can provide advice on how to address specific issues related to your research or the project process.


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