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IGNOU PGDLAN Project Synopsis & Dissertation Guidelines (MLIP-8)


Welcome to the definitive resource for the IGNOU PGDLAN Project (MLIP-8). If you are a student at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) studying the Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN), you have come to the correct place. We will go into the nuances of the IGNOU PGDLAN Project in this thorough guide, giving you essential information, recommendations, and tools to successfully complete your project. So, let’s get this party started!


The PGDLAN Project is an essential component of IGNOU’s PGDLAN curriculum. It is intended to examine students’ practical abilities, knowledge, and comprehension of library automation and networking. The project allows students to apply principles gained during the curriculum to real-world circumstances, giving them hands-on experience and allowing them to demonstrate their abilities.

What are the major steps in IGNOU PGDLAN Project?

The PGDLAN Project is significant because it allows students to exhibit their competence and use academic knowledge in a practical situation. It enables students to go further into certain areas of library automation and networking, encouraging a more in-depth understanding of the subject. Furthermore, the initiative improves students’ critical thinking, research, and analytical skills, preparing them for professional careers in the subject. Following are some major steps in doing the PGDLAN Project:

Selecting a Project Topic

Choosing an interesting and relevant project topic is critical to the success of your PGDLAN project. Consider selecting a topic that is related to your interests and career ambitions, since this will keep you motivated throughout the project. It is advised to investigate growing trends and problems in library automation and networking in order to identify a creative and distinct issue that brings value to the field.

Planning and Implementation

Once you’ve decided on a project topic, you must develop a complete plan for its execution. Outline your project’s objectives, approach, and deliverables. Divide the project into digestible pieces and establish realistic timetables for each stage. This will assist you in remaining organized and focused throughout the job.

Conducting Research

Research is an essential component of every undertaking. Dive into relevant literature, research publications, and industry reports to gain valuable insights regarding your project topic. To gain access to peer-reviewed research publications and scholarly materials, use online databases such as IEEE Xplore, the ACM Digital Library, and JSTOR. This will provide a solid foundation for your research and allow you to draw sound conclusions.

Data gathering and analysis

Depending on the topic of your research, you may need to collect data from a variety of sources. Surveys, interviews, observations, or evaluating existing datasets could all be used. Make certain that your data collection procedures are ethical, dependable, and correspond with the goals of your project. After gathering the data, use proper analytical approaches to develop relevant conclusions and validate your project findings.

Report Writing and Documentation

When it comes to the IGNOU PGDLAN Project, clear and simple documentation is essential. Keep a detailed record of your project’s actions, including research notes, data collection methods, and analysis methodologies used. Compile your results, observations, and recommendations into a detailed project report as you go. To make sure your contribution satisfies the required standards, adhere to the IGNOU’s suggested format and instructions for the project report.

Viva Voce and Evaluation

Professionals from IGNOU will review your project report after you finish it. The evaluation procedure includes assessing your project report, its presentation, and your ability to answer project-related questions. During the viva voce examination, be prepared to defend your project and exhibit a thorough mastery of the subject area. To gain confidence, thoroughly review your project report and practice presenting it.

FAQs about the IGNOU PGDLAN Project

1. What is the deadline for submitting the PGDLAN project?

The PGDLAN project submission deadline may vary depending on the academic year and the specific criteria offered by IGNOU. To establish the exact deadline for project submission, contact the official IGNOU website, your study center, or the program coordinator.

2. Can I choose a project topic that is not related to library automation or networking?

No, the PGDLAN Project asks you to select a project topic relating to library automation and networking. The project should demonstrate your understanding of the PGDLAN program’s concepts and principles.

3. Can I work on the PGDLAN project with other students?

Collaboration on the PGDLAN Project is discouraged in general. The project is a one-on-one evaluation of your particular abilities and knowledge gained during the PGDLAN program. During the project planning process, however, it is recommended that you seek help and support from your faculty, study center, or program coordinator.

4. Is there any software or tools that are specifically recommended for the PGDLAN Project?

The software or tools used for the PGDLAN Project will depend on the topic and requirements of your project. However, popular library automation and networking software include Koha, DSpace, Greenstone, and LibSys. It is best to check with your instructor or project guide to determine the best software or tools for your project.

5. How should I prepare for the PGDLAN Project viva voce examination?

To prepare for the viva voce, go over your project report thoroughly and make sure you grasp the project topic, research methodology, data analysis methodologies, and project findings. Practice delivering your project report and anticipate potential questions during the assessment. To perform effectively in viva voce, you must have confidence, clarity, and a thorough grasp of the subject matter.

6. What happens if I don’t complete the PGDLAN Project by the deadline?

Failure to submit the PGDLAN project before the deadline may result in the project being deemed incomplete. To prevent unfavorable effects, it is critical to follow the submission rules and meet the deadline. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or an emergency, it is best to contact the program coordinator or IGNOU authorities to discuss the possibility of an extension.


Completing the IGNOU PGDLAN Project is a difficult but rewarding venture that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and talents in library automation and networking. You will be on your way to a successful project submission if you choose a meaningful project topic, organize and execute your project successfully, perform thorough research, and document your findings. Remember to seek advice from your teachers and to take advantage of the tools available to you. Best wishes with your IGNOU PGDLAN project!

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