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IGNOU PGCEDS Project Report and IGNOU MEDSP 004 Synopsis (Post-Graduate Certificate in Extension and Development Studies)

The knowledge you have gained from the theoretical papers for MEDS 001 through MEDS 003 may be useful in helping you comprehend the fundamental ideas, workings, dynamics, challenges, and concerns of programs for development and extension. It is appropriate that you familiarize yourself with field-level extension and development activities, issues, and programs after studying the fundamentals of the subject. For the majority of you, Project Work-I will be a novel experience designed to support your learning by doing approach. Even if you might have some difficulties learning at a distance, this study guide will nevertheless enable you to gain knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to analyze extension and development challenge programs using a case study methodology. Consequently, “MEDSP 004: Handbook on Project Work” has been produced to provide you with an introduction to the case study method concept. This guide will serve as your instruction manual, demonstrating how to create a project proposal, carry out a case study, and produce a project report.

Guidelines for the IGNOU PGCEDS Project Report and IGNOU MEDSP 004 Synopsis work

In the second month of their entrance to the program, the students will begin the IGNOU PGCEDS Project, which they must finish within six months, or before they appear in the term-end test for the PG Certificate degree in Extension and Development Studies.
For those pursuing a PG Certificate, PG Diploma, or MA in Extension and Development Studies, completion of IGNOU PGCEDS Project work is required.
The students in any of the core courses taught in the first half of the PG Certificate program will complete the project work.
Students must select a supervisor from the Regional Center’s approved list of supervisors, and they must work with that person to create their research projects. The approval of research ideas by supervisors is mandatory for students.
The completed proforma and the study proposal must be sent to the relevant regional center for the regional director’s approval.
Upon approval by a specialist in extension and development studies, the Regional Director will return the proposal to the students.
Before you stand for the term-end examination for the first three courses of the PG Certificate in Extension and Development Studies, finish the PGCEDS Project Work.



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