The numerous programmes are offered by IGNOU in which IGNOU Assignment are equivalently important to the theory and practical exam.  IGNOU Assignment is much necessary to pass the exam. Assignments carry the marks for all the question and the assignment marks are included with the term end exam marks. The IGNOU Assignment carries some question to which the candidate needs to give a relevant answer. The students should write their answers on the assignment sheets IGNOU Assignment carries marks for each question, which is divided by the three sections, that is Section A, Section B and Section C. Every section have there own word limits and marks. The assignment should be written in good handwriting and the designated form. The IGNOU Assignment should be submitted within the directed date.


Candidate can download the IGNOU assignment from the official website of IGNOU in the section of IGNOU Student Zone for their applied course.  Follow the following steps to download IGNOU assignment online:-

Step 1: Visit the  Official website of IGNOU i.e.,

Step 2: Click on IGNOU Assignments.                                                                 

Step 3: Click on the link of your precise applied course or programme with the Subject.

Step 4: Then click on the link of the First year or Second year in any medium English or Hindi.        

Step 5: After that, click on the Download button in the top right corner and Save/Print for future reference.


Yes, Submitting an assignment is mandatory before submitting the exam form. IGNOU assignment carries 30 per cent weightage in a course and a student must achieve at least 40 per cent marks in assignments to complete a course successfully. Every IGNOU Candidate have to write and submit their respective IGNOU assignment to their study centre before the due date

Submission of assignments is mandatory for every course in IGNOU, so if the student can’t submit this time; Student must submit the assignments of the respective courses in the coming session; else you will be not able to qualify for a course. 


The assignment has 30% weightage in each IGNOU programme, so that candidate Can’t Neglect it. The students have to write the most reliable assignment solution to get more distinguished marks in the result and it also improves their performance report in grade card. Without the IGNOU assignment, your course is incomplete and you must submit after completing it before the promised date to the respective study centre.

In IGNOU assignment, you must get 40% marks to passing and consequently, Students can fill IGNOU exam form to appear in End Term examination


  1. Presentation of the assignment represents one of the important roles. good quality paper, proper borders and neat & clean handwriting.
  2. Don’t copy the ready-made assignments because, at times, answers aren’t right.
  3. To write assignments, chose rule sheets or A4 size sheets. and assignments should be hand-written.
  4. Try to communicate your assignment on current trends and the latest information.
  5. Do not use Multicolour or Designer sheets.
  6. Try to go through the questions and try to find the answers in IGNOU books.
  7. Make use of online support as several topics are better explained in online sources compared to textbooks.
  8. IGNOU Assignment to be written in your handwriting which is the important player in determining the marks.
  9. End your answers with a sensible conclusion.
  10. Highlight essential lines or points in your answers.
  11. Always check the imperative word limit for the particular question, you need to clarify with your answer within the necessary word limit.
  12. Write page numbers and mention the total page numbers for an assignment on the cover page.
  13. Submit assignments correctly. The assignment sheets must be stapled properly.
  14. A copy of printed assignments should be attached in the starting of the file along with assignment code for further reference.


After completing the assignments, Candidate needs to go to their study centre and submit the respective assignments of the selected course according to the dates provided on the Students assignment question booklet. The students have to duly write in their Name, Address, Enrolment number, Study centre along with the date at the start of each of their assignments. After submitting the IGNOU assignments, Candidate will be provided with a slip-on which they have to write names of their selected courses along with the date you have submitted them and enrolment number. They will sign it and ask you to keep it as a slip for future evidence.

Are Term-End Examination and IGNOU Assignment connected?

A student has to submit an assignment to appear in the respective subject’s Term End Examination. If the assignment is not tendered, then the student is not allowed to apply for the respective paper in the Term End Examination. His/her term End Examination form will be accepted only when the Study Centre confirms that the assignment for the related paper has been submitted.

On the other hand, the student can submit their IGNOU assignments before without applying for the Term End Examination of the respective subjects even once. But since registration for a paper is valid only for 2 years or 4 semesters, consequently student need to keep clearing the Term End Examination as well.

Now you are provided with all the information regarding IGNOU Assignment. We hope the aforementioned article helps you. If you have any doubt, drop your queries below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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