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Even within classrooms, there is a standard shift and the teacher is becoming a facilitator and manager of learning as technology plays the role of a surrogate teacher. While classrooms with blackboards and printed textbooks are still quite common, we are fast moving towards a world where education is available anytime, anywhere with the help of technology. Revolutionary changes are taking place due to technology playing an important role in educational processes. Accordingly, from merely having technology at the periphery of the teaching-learning scenario and using it occasionally, now there are thoughts of integration of technology in teaching and training. Given these changes in the educational scenario, teachers and trainers of the 21st century need to be well conversant with the techniques of integrating technology into the instructional system. The programme, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET) launched by IGNOU introduces teachers, trainers and those involved in developing educational programmes for various media to the field of Educational Technology.


This programme aims to develop a cadre of teachers and other professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills for organizing teaching and training with the help of appropriate technologies. The objectives of the programme are as follows:

The programme will help the learners to:

  • Develop an understanding of the nature of educational technology and its impact on teaching and learning;
  • Develop an awareness about the various educational technologies and their pedagogic uniqueness;
  • Develop the skills needed for making optimum use of the technologies enabling collaborative practices and sharing of educational resources;
  • Make judicious selection of technology and integrate it successfully in the instructional system;
  • Develop the know-how of designing and developing courseware for various media.

Target Population:

  • Teachers teaching at different levels
  • Developers of educational programmes for various media
  • Educational administrators
  • Others interested in the field of educational technology

Eligibility: Graduation from a recognized University.

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 3 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 6,600/- for full programme

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
MES 31 ET – An Overview6
MES 32 Communication &
MES 33 Computer Technology6
MES 34 Designing Courseware6
MES 35 Project6
Total Credits 30

For the fifth course, Project, a manual has been designed with several activities. The learner has to choose some of the activities. Every activity has been provided with detailed and step wise instructions and linked to relevant resources.

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