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The P.G. Diploma in Mental Health is offered by the Discipline of Psychology, School of Social Sciences (SOSS), IGNOU. The Programme aims at providing the learners a sound base in the field of mental health through an in-depth study into a broad range of psychological issues and concerns related to mental health. It is a capacity building programme to train the physical and mental health personnel to take care of the pressing and crucial need of the society to address the mental health and well-being of the people.

The P.G. Diploma in Mental Health programme aims at fulfilling the mental health requirements of people keeping in mind the shortage of mental health personnel in India.


  • Post graduates in Psychology/Social Work/ Nursing
  • All Medical graduates (Allopathy/Homoeopathy/Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha)

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 4 years. Admission cycle will be once a year in July.

Fee Structure: Rs.9000/-The Programme

Credit System:

The P.G.Diploma in Mental Health is of 32 credits. The learner has to successfully complete course work of 32 credits to obtain the P.G. Diploma in Mental Health. One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of study by the learner. For example, a learner will have to devote approximately 180 hours of study to complete a 6 credit course.

Programme Details

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
MPC-51 Fundamentals of
Mental Health
MPC-52 Mental Disorders 6
MPC-53 Mental Health in
Special Areas
MPC-54 Services for the
Mentally III
MPCL-55 Practical 8
Total Credits 32

All the Courses are compulsory.

MPCL055 (Practical) will be carried out at a Work Centre under an approved supervisor there. The learner will complete different activities as prescribed at the work centre. IGNOU will provide the work centre to the learners for completing the Practical activities.

Learner Support

Each learner admitted to this programme will be attached to a Study Centre under the Regional Centre.There will be contact classes at Study centre. Classes for Practical will be at the Work centre.The learners are advised to be in regular contact with their respective Study centres and interact with the Academic counselors as well as the Coordinator of the study centre for guidance and support. The facilities provided at the Study centres,normally,include the following:

1. Counselling sessions in different courses relating to PGDMH

2. Library facility with basic reading materials related to the Course

3. Audio-Video programmes specially designed for PGDMH

4. Teleconferencing and Radio Counselling (at the Regional Centres)

Instructional System

The programme adopts a multiple media approach, viz., self-instructional print materials, audio-video programmes, counseling sessions, teleconferencing and interactive radio counseling.


It consists of assignments and Term End Examination(TEE). The The TEE is held at examination centres all over India. The TEE of MPCL 055 is held as viva at the Regional centre.

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