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Post Graduate Diploma in Translation is designed to develop the translation skills of the learners and train them as translators. Besides imparting the knowledge of the theory and practice of translation, it enables the students to understand the socio-cultural dimensions of translation. Post Graduate Diploma in Translation (PGDT) aims to teach Translation from English to Hindi and vice-versa. Translation is a major professional area in our country and plays an important role in our understanding of the diversity of Indian culture and society. The programme consists of 4 Courses and a Project comprising Practical Translation. PGDT is a Programme of Translation from English-to-Hindi and vice-versa. It is advisable for students seeking admission in it to have proficiency in both languages.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree

Medium of Instruction: Hindi

Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 4 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 3,600/- for full programme

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
PGDT 1 Anuvad: Siddhant
Aur Pravidhi
PGDT 2 Anuvad Ka Bhashik
Aur Samajik Paksh
PGDT 3 Vyavaharik Anuvad
Ke Vividh Star Aur
PGDT 4 Prashasanik Anuvad6
PGDT 5 Anuvad Pariyojana6
Total Credits 30

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    I’m looking for sample translation project of PGDT IGNOU.

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