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Guidance to write IGNOU MSCIS Project (MSEP-028/038)

The IGNOU MSCIS Project (MSEP-028/038) is an applied academic activity that strives to hone your theoretical and quantitative abilities through their application in light of the theoretical information earned while completing the Master of Science (Information Security) course, i.e., MSCIS. IGNOU MSCIS Project (MSEP-028/038) work will help you to safeguard and secure personal data, to develop data-centric architecture in the workplace, and to instill a strong professional attitude in personnel responsible for information security.

This IGNOU MSCIS Project (MSEP-028/038) is worth two credits and requires around 180 hours of total work to complete. IGNOU would like to receive your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 project report typed and bound. Your IGNOU MSCIS Project (MSEP-028/038) project report should be between 15000 and 20000 words in length (50–60 pages). Bear this in mind while selecting a theme for the IGNOU MSCIS Project. The idea is that you should be able to express yourself completely within this word restriction.

How you should write the IGNOU MSCIS Synopsis (MSEP-028/038)?

Your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 synopsis must include the following:

1) Formulation of the problem and identification of the project’s topic

Depending on your area of interest, you can jot down your inquiries and attempt to determine the project’s topic. The project’s topic should correspond to the study’s focus.

Depending on the research topics, the project may fall within any of the information security specialisations. By defining the elements, place, and time period of your IGNOU MSCIS project, you may ultimately settle on a title. It is critical to remember that you should be familiar with the geographic location on which your topic will be based. It should be conveniently located for you. The project’s title should be as specific as possible. The research area should be micro- or local-scale in scope in order to facilitate the completion of the project in a short period of time. The problem that will be studied must be classified.

Discussions with your supervisor and peer group, as well as research into relevant literature, will aid in this process. Additionally, reviewing the work of others in the field of project work will assist you in formulating the project problem.

During project identification, it is essential to consider the availability of data and familiarize ourselves with the related literature.

2) The study’s objectives

The project study’s objectives should correspond to the needs of your research inquiries. Remember that the objective statement determines what data and information should be collected and which analytical methods should be used.

Due to the fact that the project work should be equivalent to the load of one optional course and should be brief in duration with a specific aim, the project should not encompass more than two to three objectives. The IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Project Report should clearly state objectives that have been accomplished over its course.

3) Research concerns

You should direct the research questions toward elucidating the identified issue. A few examples of research questions have been provided previously. The inquiries may take the form ‘if, what, why, and how.’ If you wish to ascertain the determinants of an issue or to obtain an explanation in terms of cause-and-effect relationships, the ‘why’ inquiry is pertinent. If you’re curious about the method underlying any phenomenon, you may begin your inquiry with the word ‘how.’

The maximum number of questions in your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 synopsis should be two or three.

4) Formulated hypotheses, if any

Keep in mind that you don’t have to explicitly state the hypothesis in the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 proposal. A hypothesis is a tentative explanation of the cause-and-effect relationship between two or more variables. When conducting descriptive or exploratory research, it is best to avoid formulating hypotheses. If you formulate a hypothesis, it ought to align with your research inquiries.

The hypothesis should consist of no more than two parts.

5) Methodology of Research

You should describe in the methodology section of your IGNOU MSCIS proposal how the study will be conducted. To begin, you must define the variables for which you will want information or data to conduct the study based on your objectives and research questions. The last step is to specify where you will obtain the needed data or information (source). Secondary sources of data include the websites of several data collection organizations, such as the NSSO, the Registrar of Census, various Directorates of Statistics, and the Planning Division, among others. If your data requirements cannot be met through secondary sources, you can gather data using a small sample survey, a questionnaire, or another data collection instrument.

Keeping in mind your time constraints and the scope of your research study, attempt to limit your sample size to no more than 100 observations (units) for data gathering.

To conduct the research, you must identify the specific techniques for analyzing the acquired information or data.

In brief, the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 proposal requires the inclusion of the subsequent components: research methodology, sources of data to be utilized, data collection method, sample size, instruments for data collection, and approach to analysis.

6) Anticipated Outcomes

At the conclusion of your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Synopsis, you must outline the expected outcome of your study in two to three phrases.

How should you write the IGNOU MSCIS Project Report (MSEP-028/038)?

Your project’s two most critical components are originality and clarity. The anti-plagiarism software will test the soft copy or CD of your project report for plagiarism to ensure its uniqueness. Bear in mind that your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Project Report will assess your analytical capacity and communication abilities. This type of writing is not only a means of capturing your impressions or crafting a narrative. Additionally, it is a practice for organising your thoughts. Therefore, while writing your IGNOU MSEP-028/038 project report, bear the following elements in mind:

The nature of the project’s subject determines the length of the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Project Report. However, it is recommended that the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Report be between 15000 and 20000 words (50 and 60 pages) in length and typed in one and a half spaces.

  • Your MSEP-028/038 report should consist of approximately four to five chapters. Each chapter has parts and subsections. This adds cohesion to your project and prevents disparate ideas from overflowing into disparate locations.
  • Writing an introduction is critical because it establishes a point of entry for your project. Following that, precise goals and objectives should be specified.
  • To some extent, the effectiveness of your methodology determines the caliber of your project. Methods should be communicated clearly. To be precise, methodology relates to (i) theoretical viewpoints and the logic of inquiry that govern research, (ii) data gathering methodologies, and (iii) data analysis tools or processes.
  • Other experts have conducted similar or related projects or studies (provide a maximum of two to three pages for a brief evaluation of their work).
  • At the conclusion of each part, you should logically conclude all your arguments and neatly weave them together. It is critical to maintain a clear relationship between the various components.
  • Include images, maps, diagrams, and illustrations as necessary.

You should organize the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 Project Report in the following sequence:

a) Cover page: Include the title of the project, your name, address, the year, and your enrollment number on the first page of the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 dissertation. (as specified in this manual’s annexure B)

b) The IGNOU MSEP-028/038 dissertation’s contents should be on the second page, and the third page should include a list of the tables, maps, figures, and illustrations.

c) The fourth page serves as an acknowledgment page.

d) The fifth page is for listing abbreviations alphabetically.

e) Beginning on the sixth page, you must provide an overview of your project, its approach, including the rationale for selecting the project theme, objectives, research methodology, including a description of the techniques or methods used for data collection and analysis, and the study’s limitations. This will serve as the introduction to the IGNOU MSEP-028/038 report.

f) The project’s major body will begin with the second chapter.

g) In the concluding chapter, you will provide the project’s findings and, if applicable, your recommendations.

To download the IGNOU MSCIS Project and IGNOU MSCIS Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link:


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