Purpose of IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work

The main purpose of IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work is to make you more aware of the reality of social and human existence. Therefore. You will select a topic of interest for specialisation. This might be related to the field in which you are presently working, or it could be a whole other issue. We are certain that you have realised from the theoretical papers that the domains and concerns relating to social work are quite broad. Here, we’d like you to focus on a certain theme or issue in order to specialise.

Guidelines for Preparation of IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Proposal

You may create a draught proposal and discuss it with your authorised (by IGNOU) supervisor, who will be assigned to you at the study centre. The procedures listed below will assist you in drafting the project proposal.

1) Project Title

The project’s title should properly define the type and nature of the endeavour. It should be concise, precise, and explicit. It is advised that the topic be linked to your line of employment.

2) Introduction

In the beginning, you can offer a description of the issue, a wide field of study, why the topic is significant, and explanation of key terms.

3) Problem Statement

The problem statement should include a brief examination of the problem as well as its significance. To be more specific, this is a reason for discontinuing the investigation. Existing literature is evaluated, and gaps are identified, to offer rationale for selecting a certain area of investigation.

4) Goals

The objectives of the proposed IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work should explain your purpose to carry out this project. Typically, a topic has three to four aims. These goals can be stated in a sequential order, allowing you to focus your strategy. For example, suppose you wish to investigate the issue of dropout among girl pupils in a remote region. You might want to investigate the causes of high dropout rates among various socioeconomic levels of people. As a result, such objectives will define the scope of the research.

5) Hypothesis

The hypothesis is the most likely solution to the issue you have tackled, and the project examines the hypothesis. But not all research involve hypothesis testing (most experiment-based studies contain hypotheses). You can talk to your supervisor about the sort of research you wish to do.

You may even eliminate hypotheses for your study because you will just conduct a modest poll of 50 to 75 people.

6) The Research Universe

If the IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work requires fieldwork, you must determine the scope of the research. The universe is defined as the whole region or population studied. This will be determined by the geographical boundaries of the research as well as the study’s unit. For example, if you are examining the features of homes in a village, then all of the households will form the universe of tile studs’. You will take a sample from this universe.

7) Example

If your IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work is based on field work, you must select a sample from the universe. A sample is representative of the entire population. Sampling may be accomplished in a variety of methods, including random sampling, cluster sampling, and so on. To learn more about the various forms of sampling, please reference any standard statistics book that you may have read while studying for the exam. Research Methods is a subfield in social work.

8) Data Collection Instruments

You should specify the tools you want to use to acquire data from multiple sources. Because social reality is constantly complicated and multifaceted, you may need to use more than one instrument for a certain study.

9) Data Analysis

The raw data must be examined and coded before data analysis using statistical methods can begin. It is preferable if the approaches you propose to employ are specified in the proposal.

10) Tables

Tables will include essential statistical computations such as percentage, mean, median, standard deviation, co-relation, and so on.

Tables shall have correct numbers (i.e., Chapter I will have Table 1.1, Table 1.2, etc.; Chapter 2 will include Table 2.1, Table 2.2, etc.). Table number will be followed by Table title, which should be as concise as possible while clearly communicating the content contained in the table. If a table is liked from another source, it should be noted underneath the table. Table interpretation can be presented in three paragraphs: I an introduction to the parameter or issue, (ii) a discussion of the parameter or topic, and (iii) a conclusion. (ii) interpretation, (iii) key findings-indications

11) Chapter Plan

A chapter plan, also known as chapterization, would provide a rough outline for drafting the report. This activity will assist you in finishing your dissertation easily and methodically.

12) Report Writing

You must follow the criteria below while writing a report.

Make a chapter plan. Each chapter should be around the same length. It should not be the case, for example, that one chapter is 15 pages long and another is 40 pages long. The optimal chapter length should be between 15 and 20 pages.

Each chapter will include: — Chapter number — Chapter title — Introduction — Main titles, subtitles, and sub-sub titles — Conclusions — Suitable references — Graphics/illustrations, etc. — Well presented with proper layout.

  • Do not cram too many tables into your chapters. A chapter may have 3 to 6 tables.
  • Tables are not required in every chapter.
  • Only provide the most essential sections in tabular style.
  • The remainder of the findings can be presented in narrative style.

Writing Tips for IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Work

  • The dissertation should be typed (ideally computer-typed) in A-4 size (29 x 20 cm) paper in double space and 12 font.
  • Before binding, show your final document to your supervisor.
  • You must read the written version and rectify any typos; page numbers must be provided, and relevant pictures must be inserted in the proper pages and chapters.
  • While having the copies bound, you should provide a copy of the approved project proposal.
  • A declaration from you that the work is original and has not been submitted to IGNOU or any other university or institution must also be included in Your dissertation to meet the criteria of the course in hand.
  • Attach a certificate from your supervisor attesting to the fact that the Project Work was completed under his/her supervision and that it is authentic and unique work (see copy at annexure).
  • The Horst page should have your name, enrollment number, complete address, supervisor’s name, and so forth (format at annexure).
  • It is not permissible to use loose or spiral binding.
  • Proper binding should be done with a hard cover page in a light red colour (the official colour of the School of Social Work).
  • Two copies of the project report must be prepared: one for IGNOU and one for you to keep as your personal copy.
  • One copy must be mailed or delivered in person to: The Registrar Student Evaluation Division, Maidan Garhi, IGNOU, New Delhi-110068.

Where can you find perfect IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Topics?

When looking for IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Topics, it may be beneficial to utilise a few tried-and-true techniques (which are also applicable in many other situations):

  • Skim over your study materials (e.g., handbooks, course notes) – this is information you have already studied, but reading over it may assist you to methodically picture all studied subjects or subtopics (these can suggest new ideas).
  • Brainstorming. Examine your knowledge base – chances are you have a few fascinating topics in mind that you’d like to learn more about.
  • Examine the names of published articles in social work journals, or better yet, read newsletters/highlights on journal websites. Alternatively, one may do a search on sites that aggregate field-related news from various publications. – While certain articles/topics may be too detailed or particular, they nevertheless provide a wide range of options.
  • Look online for ready-made research subjects for a custom research paper — skimming through such lists can either overwhelm you with themes of sufficient complexity and scope/broadness or inspire you with fresh connected ideas (e.g. by combining elements from different topics).

Another option is to get research paper writing assistance from our experienced writers, who will handle all elements of the assignment, including the selection of an original and strong topic (obviously, you might be willing to confirm it, before proceeding with your writing IGNOU MSWP 1 Project Report).

How to Download IGNOU MSW Project Report Sample Pdf and IGNOU MSW Synopsis Sample Pdf?

To download the Project & Synopsis PDFs, you must click on the following link;


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