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3 Things you should remember doing for the IGNOU BTS Project

Tourism is now one of the businesses with the highest growth rates in the world. It has evolved rapidly during the previous two decades. Tourism has become a priority at all levels of development—global, regional, national, and local. Furthermore, there are far too many schools and institutions that provide bachelor’s degree programmes to those individuals. In India, the IGNOU BTS Project involves a large number of IGNOU students. The IGNOU BTS Project focuses on tourist administration, tourism development, tourism marketing, the transportation business, and hotel management, among other things.

The IGNOU BTS Project includes courses in resort development, food service management, ecology, the environment, and tourism, as well as intercultural communication. Students must submit an IGNOU BTS synopsis and project report in their first and second years of study. Tourism has become the key engine of economic development in every nation; thus, the course has substantial value and relevance in the current world.

The main goal of IGNOU BTS PROJECT is to provide knowledge, stamina, and skills in the academic field of tourism at the bachelor’s degree level. Students should select an IGNOU BTS Project from this specific bachelor’s level degree, such as IGNOU PTS 4, PTS 5, or PTS 6, in order to gain a deeper grasp and comprehensive understanding of the curriculum.

1. When to Submit IGNOU BTS Project Report?

The deadline for submitting project reports for the IGNOU TEE June 2022 is earlier than the 30th of June 2022. However, if students are unable to submit their assignments, projects, or other important papers due to a network outage on the server, the institution may extend the deadline even further.

According to the most recent notice, students may also submit their project reports until June 30th without incurring late fines.

Furthermore, it noted that owing to the harmful impacts of COVID 19 on the country, students must submit their project reports online rather than offline.

2. How to score good marks In IGNOU BTS Project?

In order to score good marks, students should submit their IGNOU BTS Project on time and correctly. IGNOU has published a set of guidelines. There has been a delay in the Learner Support System from all of the centres, as stated in the public notice, due to the impact of COVID-19. In addition, there have been reports that the university has implemented an online submission system for projects, aiming to streamline the application process.

The notice also mentioned a few of the points that the students need to abide by for their IGNOU project submission.

  • The students must complete the project criteria exactly as outlined in the brochure that was previously supplied to them with their SLM.
  • Before submitting their projects online, students must confirm that they have signed the original proposal, biodata, and project description. Before scanning copies for online submission, the project guide must sign the original certificate and any extra signatures.
  • The students should digitally review the project description and guide before sending it to the regional center. This information is available on the relevant RC’s official website.
  • Specific guidelines will be provided for projects involving fieldwork. Students may also contact the program coordinator for assistance.
  • For submittal, the original project materials must be scanned and converted to PDF format. In addition, the project’s cover page standards must be rigorously observed.
  • The approved faculty of the regional centres will offer the students with additional recommendations for the viva-voce for the projects.

3. Key points to remember in the IGNOU BTS Project.

Following are the things you must keep in mind while making an IGNOU BTS Project:

  • Identify and classify research issues
  • Identify and utilize Proper study design for IGNOU BTS Project
  • Conduct scientific evaluation at a systematic manner
  • Collect and examine the information for IGNOU BTS Synopsis
  • Learn How to work with proper statistical technique

Understanding the Market Profile

It is vital to understand the profile of tourists and to distinguish between several tourist categories to plan, in particular:

  • Business Tourists: People who travel for business reasons, such as attending conferences, exhibits, or business meetings. 
  • Leisure Tourists: Tourists who travel for enjoyment or general interest.
  • Specific tourists:  this category comprises students, athletes, pilgrims, and any other group travelling for a particular reason.

Identify the types of tourist facilities

The tourist facilities fall into two major categories: manufactured facilities and natural facilities.

Choose your topic’s goal and point

Make your topic as relevant, to the point, in accordance, and praiseworthy as possible. At the event where you can display the record, the adviser will evaluate your IGNOU BTS Synopsis Project. With only a glance over your report, the advisor can give you a reasonable idea of the depth of your own understanding. Furthermore, regardless of whether he has the time to investigate your task thoroughly, he will provide you with.

The following sections should be included in the IGNOU BTS Project Report:

  1. Cover page: On the first page, provide the title of the project, your name, address, the year, and your enrollment number.
  2. The IGNOU BTS Project’s contents ought to be on the second page, and the third page ought to contain a list of the tables, maps, figures, and illustrations.
  3. The fourth page is used for acknowledgment.
  4. The fifth page is for alphabetical listing of abbreviations.
  5. You must offer an overview of your project, its strategy, including the justification for picking the project subject, goals, research methodology, including a description of the tools or methodologies utilised for data collection and analysis, and the study’s constraints, beginning on the sixth page. The IGNOU BTS report will be presented in this section.
  6. The second chapter will serve as the project’s main body.
  7. You will provide the project’s results and, if relevant, your suggestions in the final chapter.

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You can also download the sample project for PTS 4,5,6 by clicking on the link below
Sample Project Download


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