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How to write an IGNOU BTS Project for PTS 4,5,6?

An Overview of IGNOU BTS Project

Numerous IGNOU students are involved in the IGNOU BTS Project. Among other topics, the IGNOU BTS Project focuses on tourist administration, tourism development, tourism marketing, the transportation industry, and hotel management. The IGNOU BTS Project covers topics such as resort development, food service management, ecology, the environment, tourism, intercultural communication, etc. In the first and second years of study, students must present an IGNOU BTS Project and Synopsis. The course has significant value and relevance in the modern world, as tourism has become the primary driver of economic growth in every country.

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Importance of IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Report in Future Studies

IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Reports are crucial because they provide students with much-needed practical experience that not only assists them in completing their college practicals but also enables them to gain substantial and practical knowledge of the principles they have learned. When performing solely practical research, there may be a requirement for project themes. There may also be a requirement for theoretical research initiatives that provide crucial knowledge and insights on the specified topic. Additionally, choosing the right topic illuminates the execution of the future action plan, and effective actions come before clear thinking.

How to write an IGNOU BTS Synopsis?

A synopsis is a plan that requires planning in order to achieve the project’s goals. Before building begins, designers utilize plans to prepare the project. A synopsis is a comprehensive document that includes numerous sections of the report, such as an explanation of the topic and its relevance, the development of hypothesis(es) (if applicable), and a bibliography.

A synopsis must include all of the project’s needs. A procedure must be created that is effective. Let’s analyze the many forms of IGNOU BTS synopsis specifications. The accompanying conditions apply:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Delimitations
  • References (APA Format)

How to Submit an IGNOU BTS Proposal/Synopsis?

After creating it under the guidance of your guide/supervisor, you must submit your IGNOU BTS Proposal to your study/Regional centre for further review. The Study Centre will then email abstracts to the Program Coordinator, IGNOU, New Delhi, Tourism Studies Discipline.

The professors will review the IGNOU BTS Synopsis. When suggestions are necessary, they will be provided. Therefore, you must resubmit the summary after making the necessary modifications. Submit your summary/proposal before the deadline.

If the proposal synopsis is rejected, you will receive criticism and suggestions for reworking it. In this case, the revised project synopsis must come with both a new project synopsis permission form and the previous project synopsis approval form, which must include the faculty’s feedback and suggestions. In addition to the revised synopsis, the first synopsis will also be supplied.

How to write an IGNOU BTS Project Report?

Now that you’ve gathered and analyzed your facts, it’s time to begin writing. Obviously, you should first scribble down your key ideas, then create a rough narrative, and last write (or type) your report. You may choose to write in either English or Hindi.

Your narrative may contain both factual material and your own thoughts/opinions/observations. You may append to your IGNOU BTS Project Report any papers or other documents that you consider would highlight or support your main argument. If you gathered responses via a questionnaire as part of your data, you may also submit a copy of the questionnaire. The nature of your topic will decide, among other things, how you utilize drawings, graphs, and diagrams.

Originality and clarity are the two most vital components of your project. Keep in mind that your project is an evaluation of your analytical and communication skills. Report writing is more than just a means to organize your thoughts and tell a story. In addition, it tests your ability to organize your thoughts. As a consequence, keep in mind the following as you compose your IGNOU BTS Project Report:

Things to think about when writing the IGNOU BTS Project Report

  • Your report should be sectioned and subdivided. This gives your writing a feeling of cohesion and prevents unique ideas from leaking into other parts.
  • A well-structured report is straightforward to comprehend. Therefore, even if there is some duplication, aims and objectives should be spelled out very clearly.
  • Writing an introduction is essential since it establishes the report’s obvious beginning point. Similarly, a conclusion helps you complete your report and allows you to tie up any loose ends.
  • Your report should read as a coherent and well-structured whole, not as a collection of distinct parts. Alternately, you should divide your report into sections and subsections, but ensure that they do not appear to be different pieces. They should be linked and incorporated into your report.
  • At the end of each section and again in the conclusion, all of your points should be logically related and summed up. Simultaneously, the connections between the various sections must be retained explicitly.
  • Write as much as possible in your own tongue, using simple words and brief sentences. A report written in a language that is difficult to comprehend usually diverts the reader’s attention from the report’s content. Consider your language a potent instrument for conveying your thoughts. Your project’s success will be defined by the quality of your approaches and ideas.
  • Citations are an acceptable practice, but you should never plagiarize from other books, papers, or other sources. Please comply with the following instructions:
  • The reference must be pertinent, and the author’s words must be utilized.
  • You must provide the author’s name, the title of the book, the year and place of publication, and the page numbers at the conclusion of the quotation.
  • If you have taken a quote from a newspaper, magazine, or journal, you must provide the title of the publication, the issue number, and the month and year it was published.
  • The use of lengthy quotes should be avoided. You may utilize brief quotations to emphasize a point while also weaving them into your work. It is OK to utilize a quote between 50 and 100 words in length.

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How to Submit an IGNOU BTS Report/Project?

You must send one bound copy of the original IGNOU BTS Report/Project, as well as a CD containing a soft copy of the report in PDF format, to The Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.


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