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The  Phlebotomy Assistant  program is a  short duration skill  based training program, with an  objective  to develop  a pool of trained workforce which can be employed by diagnostic/ healthcare service providers to assist medical laboratory technologist/pathologist. This program focuses on the acquisition of skills necessary  to  draw  quality blood samples from patients, storage & transport to laboratory for medical testing.

With the fastest growing market of diagnostics and laboratory chains, the demand for Phlebotomists is incremental. Phlebotomy assistant can also be the entry point for candidates who may be interested in undertaking Medical Laboratory Sciences as their profession, however, to get streamlined in the medical laboratory field, the phlebotomy assistants will be expected to undergo desired higher level qualification.

Outcome Objective:

The program aims at making a student competent to perform the following skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to collect, storage, transport, receive, accept or reject and store blood, etc.;
  • Practice infection control  measures including collection,   segregation, storage, transportation and disposal   of the Biomedical Waste in the lab/unit , techniques to maintain the personal hygiene & use of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work place
  • Demonstrate Basic Life Support (BLS) measures & first aid in the event of emergencies,

Eligibility: 10+2 Pass with Science.

Medium of instructions: English

Duration: Minimum 6 Months and Maximum of 2 years; Admission in both January & July cycle.

Fee Structure: Rs.7,500/- for full Programme

No. of Seats: 20-30 in each Study Centre.

Programme Structure:

Nature of
BHT-11 Basic
Theory 4
BHT-12 Handling of
Blood Samples
Theory 4
BHTL-13 Skills for
Practical 12
Total Credits 20

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