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This programme has been developed with the support of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India. The Diploma in Dairy Technology aims to develop competent technician level human resource for dairy industry. Upgrading the technical proficiency of lower level workers/ technicians already working in the dairy and allied sectors is also intended. The focus is to develop competencies in procurement of milk, fluid milk processing, production of value added products and quality control aspects in dairy industry.

It also imports development of skills for entrepreneurship to encourage self employment in dairy processing activities. The knowledge imparted shall facilitate good manufacturing practices in the processing sector and hygiene. The quality milk and milk products produced will have good market and export potential. The target group includes: youth, workers/ technicians working in dairy industry; dairy and food processors in unorganized sector; personnel working in dairy cooperatives, state dairy departments and dairy science institutions; small and medium entrepreneurs; NGO functionaries/ trainers and dairy farmers.

Job Opportunities :

For the pass outs of this programme the job opportunities include: secretary of dairy cooperative society, milk procurement supervisor, milk tester, dairy plant operator/ technician/supervisor, product technician ( ice cream/ cheese/ butter/indigenous dairy products unit), dairy assistant, chilling centre supervisor, quality control assistant, packaging assistant, marketing assistant, distribution assistant, retail supervisor, store assistant, extension assistant, trainer, and self entrepreneur as milk contractor, transporter, dairy products manufacture (indigenous and western), owner of milk parlour/milk booth/ ice cream parlour, wholesale distributor, retailer and exporter of milk and milk products.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • develop technician level human resource for dairy industry;
  • upgrade the technical proficiency of existing workers and lower level / technicians working in the dairy and allied sectors;
  • develop skilled young entrepreneurs for self employment in milk processing and associated activities; and
  • impart knowledge and technical proficiency in:
    1. Clean milk production and handling
    2. Processing of milk
    3. Manufacture of western and indigenous dairy products
    4. Testing and quality control of milk and milk products
    5. Marketing and economical aspects – Managing small and medium enterprises


  1. 1. 10+2/ Senior secondary pass outs
  2. BPP (under IGNOU/ODL mode)
  3. 10th pass may enroll simultaneously for the BPP and Diploma Programme

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi and Telugu

Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 4 years; offered only in July cycle of admissions

Fee Structure: Rs. 14,400/- only for Category (i), (ii) & Rs.15,600/- for Category (iii) (50%, fee concession for rural and below poverty line urban students).

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course
BPVI 11Milk Production and
Quality of Milk
BPVI 12 Dairy Equipment and Utilities
BPVI 13 Milk Processing and Packaging
BPVI 14 Dairy Products – I
BPVI 15 Dairy Products – II
BPVI 16 Dairy Products – III
BPVI 17 Quality Assurance
BPVI 18 Dairy Management and


Course Code Theory Practical Total
BPVI 11224
BPVI 12224
BPVI 13224
BPVI 14224
BPVI 15224
BPVI 16224
BPVI 17224
BPVI 18224
Total Credits 161632

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