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An in-depth tutorial on developing an IGNOU MBA HR Project

IGNOU’s Master of Business Administration (Remote Learning) program is well known for how well it helps Indian students who want to learn from home. It also has a solid reputation among schools that offer MBA programmes via distant learning platforms. During their last year in school, each student is tasked with completing a capstone project related to his or her area of study. The topic of the IGNOU MBA HR PROJECT REPORT AND SYNOPSIS must be approved before it can be marked as complete.

The IGNOU MBA Project in HR is a prerequisite to graduating with an MBA from IGNOU. Working professionals make up the great majority of IGNOU MBA projectstudents, and as a result, they rarely have the luxury of time to devote to their studiesalone receive the necessary advice to finish the dissertations, synopses, and assignments that make up the IGNOU MBA HR Project. Here are some suggestions to help you compose a top-notch IGNOU MBA HR project.

While summarising a human resources project, what factors should you keep in mind?

Please submit the IGNOU MBA HR Project Synopsis, which should be prepared with the assistance of your adviser, to THE CO-ORDINATOR (PROJECTS), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110014.

A comprehensive overview of the study’s objective and the planned methodology should be provided at the outset. Clarity regarding the reason, sample, tools, limitations, and planned next steps is of utmost importance. Students should go with managers who have knowledge in the field they are studying. For instance, if the topic is finance, the supervisor should have extensive knowledge in the field, and so on. Furthermore, project managers should only oversee tasks that fall within their area of competence.

Students must submit the Project Proposal Proforma to the Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for approval after they have chosen a topic and a supervisor. This should happen as quickly as possible once the student has made these decisions. For any reason, a plan is quickly turned down. Each student needs their own copy of the synopsis to preserve for future reference. The committee will not accept submissions without a supervisor’s fully completed and signed biodata file. New initiative suggestions are welcome at any time of the year.

The pupil will receive a formal notification of acceptance for the project from the school within eight weeks of the proposal’s arrival.

Upon rejection, the pupil shall be provided with constructive criticism and suggestions for enhancing the plan. If this is the case, please provide the updated project overview and proposal template. Additionally, you should include a copy of the project proposal template, the evaluator’s feedback, and the P.P. (Project Proposal) number that the School of Management Studies assigned.

What should you look for in a mentor or supervisor for your IGNOU MBA HR project?

An extensive introduction to the guide’s background is included (duly signed, in original, by the guide along with the date). For the IGNOU MBA HR project, the guide’s biodata must accurately include the following details:

• The tour guide’s full name and birth year.

• Current home and work details (including complete addresses and contact numbers).

Notable academic achievements encompass a comprehensive record of degrees and areas of expertise obtained, including the institution’s name and location where the credential or qualification was earned, the year of attainment, and the percentage of marks achieved. A Comprehensive Work History, including a clear arrangement by designation, period, name, and address of all employers.

Anybody working for the organisation as a teacher or other professional and holding an MBA with at least five years of experience in the appropriate field is qualified to serve as the project guide.

A guide who has a Bachelor of Education and five years of related teaching or professional experience may also be eligible in certain circumstances. A spouse, close relative, or blood relative cannot serve as a guide, so keep that in mind.

Ideas and Subjects for Interesting IGNOU MBA HR Projects (Human Resources Management)

The following text will enlighten you on the specifics of each.

Many projects are a common component of IGNOU MBA HR programmes, each of which contributes to the student’s comprehensive education. By putting into practice the knowledge you gain in the programme, your education will advance to a deeper level. An MBA in human resources is highly marketable in India. Here, we take a look at some of the most interesting and useful options for your IGNOU MBA HR project.

1. Examining employee happiness in the telecommunications industry.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the telecom industry is vital, providing jobs for tens of thousands of people. Brands like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone-Idea are among the industry’s leaders. With such high levels of competition, this industry is one of the most difficult to succeed in in all of India. Workplaces are notoriously stressful, and the tasks themselves are boring and repetitive. The average workplace is tense and boring. So, how content are the workers here?

The effects of globalisation on the telecommunications industry may be one of the project’s subtopics. Each firm is on the cutting edge because of the emergence of rivals in the market. This is due to the excessive burden placed on the workforce. Since they drive the business,. Employees have more alternatives than ever before, and they’re more likely to leave a firm that doesn’t place a premium on their well-being in favour of one that does. There is a lot of interest in this as a human resources-related project topic.

2. Research of FMCG’s Employee Benefit Program.

In the realm of fast-moving consumer products, India is home to a number of premium and widely recognised brands. They employ tens of thousands of employees and provide generous benefits to their staff. How have these programmes ensured such a low percentage of staff turnover over such a lengthy period of time?

What role do employee welfare programmes have in keeping turnover low? This is a great example of an HR-related MBA capstone project.

The research focus for this endeavour can include:

  • A contrast of the FMCG firms with the others.
  • A case study contrasting the approaches taken by two major corporations, perhaps FMCGs and others.
  • Workers from both firms have spoken anonymously about the positive effects of the benefit packages on their daily lives.
  • There are numerous differentiating characteristics that can affect the level of attrition.

3. An Examination of the Banking Industry’s Requirements for Staff Training

Bank employees in India are increasingly customer-facing, and they must interact with a massive customer base, many of whom have just a basic understanding of banking. As banking is a dynamic field in India, it makes sense that Indian bankers put their customers first. Employees receive consistent training to better meet the demands of their consumers.

This also implies that all of the staff require continuous training to meet the demands of the expanding consumer base. Where do banks stand in terms of training their staff?

Potential HR-related project subtopics include:

  • Identifying distinct client categories based on their demographic characteristics in a given region.
  • The most frequent complaints from consumers and how to resolve them.
  • Tips for dealing with difficult clients.
  • What to do and what not to do to increase happy customers.

4. Employer Branding Techniques in Struggling Businesses

Branding an organisation as an employer raises the company’s profile, making it more appealing to qualified candidates. How will you encourage employees to join struggling organisations by utilizing various employer branding strategies?

Promoting a positive image of the company as an employer is a key part of effective employer branding. This builds a reputation among students and job seekers. This is one of the great MBA HR project themes.

Some examples of possible subtopics are as follows:

  • What makes a firm unique, and how do you turn that into a brand?
  • Exploring the benefits of utilizing branding and public relations for social programmes.
  • Strategies for maximising LinkedIn’s potential as a networking tool.
  • How to give the impression of authenticity by using existing staff members as spokespeople.

5. Review of the Performance Review and Bonus Structure

Does the evaluation process have potential for enhancement, or are high achievers adequately recognized? When times are good, does the corporation give out incentives to all employees? This was a good HR research subject in 2021 and remains important now.

This may be broken down into the following categories:

  • Two firms’ approaches to performance reviews and key performance indicator (KPI) management are dissected in this case study.
  • Examining the cases of these two organisations, we can see how their employees react to the evaluation differently. Whether they are satisfied, feel that it is fair, etc.
  • What effect does evaluation have on employee turnover?
  • Common methods of judging.

To what extent can you rely on your IGNOU MBA HR Project?

To ensure sufficient time allocation for the completion of your IGNOU MBA HR project, it is advisable to commence working on it at the onset of the semester. The first step is to choose a supervisor. As per IGNOU regulations, a supervisor may have no more than five students under his supervision at any given time.

Anticipate in advance to ensure that you allocate sufficient time to complete your tasks subsequent to the selection of the boss.

By following these instructions, you’ll have a better grasp of “how to construct an IGNOU MBA HR project” and the considerations that should underpin your work on the project. Make a schedule, get rid of interruptions, and study the instructions thoroughly. For illustration, if you were writing about the promotion of outdoor and adventure travel,. You may, for example, narrow your focus to the adventure and nature tourism scene in India, or you could choose a specific location in which to carry out your research. To start writing, divide the content into manageable chunks.

At this point, you need to look at every thought, talk about it, write it down, and then summarise it. Because of this, you will be able to tap into some of your latent imaginative potential.

You should have considered everything that was necessary for the job at this juncture. You can win over your boss completely if you use this strategy. Let’s say you’ve settled on a theme related to the promotion of ecotourism or adventure travel. Kick back with a blank Word document and let your imagination run wild as you write about adventuring in the great outdoors. If you get stuck, just look anything up online.


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