How to Download IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf?

If you want to download the IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf then you are at the right place. Students who wish to pass their upcoming IGNOU BTS Project Proposal/Synopsis work can download the IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf from this page. Students can save their time by reading the IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf and studying the format of the IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Report. Above all, use this page to download IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf for the best possible preparation for your upcoming IGNOU BTS Project Proposal/Synopsis work.

How to prepare IGNOU BTS Project Proposal/Synopsis Work?

A project is a type of early research. It is a separate inquiry. It is, for the most part, your own effort, and you must see it through from start to finish. The goal of the Project Work is to provide you with hands-on experience. You will be asked to put into practise whatever you have learned about that particular subject through your course work in the relevant Elective, i.e. PTS 4, PTS 5, and PTS 6. It is a method of applying what you have learned in the course to particular problems in tourism.

IGNOU would prefer to get your Project Work typed and bound. If you are unable to type it, ensure that your work is neatly and legibly hand-written on one side of the page alone. Annexure B contains the format for the front page. Your Project Work may range in length from 4000 to 5000 words. When selecting the BTS Project subject, keep both of these factors in mind (estimated study hours and expected duration of work). The idea is that you should be able to express yourself completely within this word restriction. You may write your BTS Project in either English or Hindi.

Your project will be directed by an Indira Gandhi National Open University-approved supervisor. All counsellors have been designated as Project supervisors. The Coordinator of your Study Centre can provide you with a list of supervisors. Once you’ve decided on a broad field of study, please contact your Coordinator, who will assign you a supervisor who is appropriate for your research.

The following step is to contact your supervisor and write a BTS Project Proposal.

After determining the field of research and a suitable subject, you should write a Project Proposal/Synopsis of no more than 400 words. Your Proposal is simply a statement of what you want to achieve and how you intend to do it. In your proposal, you should define the objectives of your study, explain the type of data accessible, and define a work plan that you intend to follow. The concerns that you want to raise while carrying out your work should also be included in your proposal. You may also discuss your Project Proposal with your friends, counsellors, and any specialists in that sector you are aware of.

You should select a topic that appeals to you and will keep your attention. It is critical that you be familiar with the geographical place on which you plan to build your topic. You should be able to access it as well. In general, it is a good idea to select a setting that is nearby by or within your travel range. Being near to one’s sources is beneficial.

Points to Remember during Submission of IGNOU BTS Synopsis/Proposal

  • Keep a duplicate of the Proposal with you since IGNOU will not return your original.
  • Make sure your proposal is supported by a letter of approval from your supervisor.
  • Send your proposal via Registered Post solely to ensure that it reaches to IGNOU.
  • After you have submitted the Proposal to IGNOU, do not modify the topic or even the phrasing. To put it another way, the theme of your Project Work should be the same as the theme of your Proposal.
  • On the first page, write the name and code of your course from which you choose your Project, your enrollment number, the name of your Study Centre, and the Regional Centre. In other words, thoroughly fill out the proforma in Annexure A.
  • Do not wait for IGNOU Project Proposal clearance. The Supervisor’s approval is final.

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IGNOU BTS Project Proposal Sample Pdf


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