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Finding an IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics are one of the most critical aspects in any form of Tourism project work. You will be expected to learn the fundamentals of tourism, hospitality, and event management as a tourism student. Medicine, finance, culture, geography, and other essential concerns surrounding tourism include, but are not limited to, the following.

We understand how difficult it might be to choose the best MTTM dissertation topic for you. As a result, our authors have compiled a thorough list of tourism dissertation topics for you to choose from. These issues are recent, topical, and exploratory enough to warrant a thorough investigation.

We can even tailor themes to your specific need. So, look over our selection of IGNOU MTTM dissertation topics list, pick one that interests you, and contact us if you need any assistance from our writers.

You might also begin your MTTM 16 dissertation by obtaining a brief research proposal/synopsis on any of these themes from our writers, which will comprise an introduction to the problem, a research question, goals and objectives, a literature review, and the recommended research technique. Please let us know if you require any assistance in getting started.

To obtain an idea of how to format your IGNOU MTTM 16 dissertation, look at our dissertation example “How to Design an IGNOU MTTM Report?” here you may find a step-by-step instruction on how to write MTTM dissertation.

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on the Effects of Covid-19 on Tourism and Hospitality

  • Tourism after the Coronavirus Pandemic: What’s Next for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in India or Any Other Country?
  • Long-Term Effects of Prolonged and New Travel Restrictions on the Indian Tourism Industry
  • Will relaxing travel restrictions benefit the tourism industry in the India in the short term?
  • In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, Delhi’s tourism industry is struggling as visitors stay at home.

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Tourism and Hospitality in the Year 2020-2021

  • Post-pandemic advances in tourism and hospitality
  • Social distancing’s effects on tourist management
  • Post-pandemic advances in hotel management
  • What factors influence medical tourism destination selection?
  • SpiceJet as a case study of the impact of low-cost airline services on boosting international tourism in India.
  • A case study of the Indian hospitality industry’s eco-friendly policies and their impact on hotel choosing decisions.
  • How a country’s economic situation affects local tourism: Identifying the economic elements that affect the tourism industry.
  • Examining the influence of social media platforms on tourist destination choice.
  • Case study of developing countries assessing the impact of government laws, regulations, and policies on tourism development.
  • Identifying the elements and preferences that influence travellers’ decisions to visit a dark tourism destination.
  • The tourist industry’s impact on travel bloggers and vloggers.

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Educational Tourism

In recent years, educators and researchers have become increasingly interested in tourism. Technical competencies and fresh knowledge gained outside of the classroom are the primary considerations in educational tourism.

Educational tourism promotes the concept of travelling to learn about other countries’ cultures. The most frequent educational tourism technique is exchange student programmes, which allow students to learn about the culture of the host country through research and travel. The following are some possible research topics for your MTTM dissertation in this sector of tourism:

  • The popularity of host countries and educational tourism programmes
  • To look into marketing and communication tools that could be used to promote “any country” as the ideal place to go for higher education.
  • To look into Indian students’ attitudes and perceptions about summer camps.

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a relatively recent branch of tourism research. The price difference between medical facilities available in poor and industrialised countries is enormous, prompting a huge number of people to travel to far-flung locations in search of low-cost medical care.

Similarly, many financially well-off patients choose to receive medical treatment abroad nations with advanced and established medical systems that offer state-of-the-art medical facilities not available in their native country.

Even though there isn’t enough secondary data to analyse this tourism sub-topic, undertaking study in this area will be intriguing. This is a collection of medical tourism dissertation topics that you can choose from.

  • The reasons why Indian individuals travel to other nations for dental operations are being investigated.
  • The effectiveness of Indian plastic surgery and radical makeover service providers’ marketing and communication tools – An research into British travellers’ attitudes and perceptions.
  • Identification and discussion of important marketing methods for promoting a weight reduction centre in India.
  • To comprehend and discuss the aspects that influence purchasing decisions in order to take advantage of extreme makeover tour packages in India.
  • What makes plastic surgery makeover services appealing to female Indian customers – A qualitative investigation

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Tourism Management

Tourism management is one of the most fascinating aspects of the industry. It primarily entails leisure and recreation travel. Tourists are people who go to other countries and places outside of their typical surroundings for the purpose of recreation.

It should be emphasised that, thanks to the impact of globalisation, the tourism phenomenon has exploded in recent years. Tourism is the primary source of income for many countries, including India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Maldives, and Fiji. Tourism generates significant money for these countries’ governments while also providing employment possibilities for both the working class and companies.

The tips below can assist you in narrowing your tourism dissertation study.

  • A qualitative study of how British tourists interpret India’s world heritage tour
  • Investigating the elements that make New Delhi the most popular Diwali shopping location
  • Examining the fundamental elements that Indian individuals evaluate when selecting a winter vacation spot.
  • An examination of the elements that influence employee motivation at New Delhi’s luxury hotels.
  • How India’s tourism industry reacted to the tsunami.
  • Factors influencing the purchase of Egypt trip packages by Indian customers.
  • Indian tourists’ attitudes and perceptions of Thailand as a winter vacation destination
  • The popularity of cruise travel among Indian tourists in South Africa is growing.
  • To determine the effectiveness of integrated marketing communication methods in restoring Amsterdam’s reputation as Europe’s top tourist destination.
  • Factors influencing Indian customers’ decision to travel to a specific destination for their summer or winter vacation

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Hospitality

Casinos, resorts, restaurants, hotels, caterers, and other businesses that service tourists make up the hospitality industry. At its most basic level, hospitality is described as the interaction between a guest and a hotel.

Liberality, friendliness, a warm welcome, entertainment, kindness, and reception are just a few of the other qualities of hospitality. The hospitality of today’s businesses is something that they take pride in. As a result, it’s a fascinating sub-topic on which to base your dissertation. The following are some tourism-related topics to consider.

  • Identifying the aspects that influence Indian clients’ leisure hotel purchasing decisions
  • Identifying the characteristics of a leisure hotel that appeal to British honeymooners
  • Investigating the hospitality methods of Mumbai’s most famous leisure hotels.
  • What are the most important elements influencing young British couples’ restaurant choices?
  • Investigating and evaluating the motivational tactics used by hotels, restaurants, and pubs in New Delhi.
  • In Mumbai, the relationship between culture and leisure hotel purchasing decisions is being investigated.
  • Using integrated marketing communication tools to increase brand sales and recognition.
  • In the context of international vacations, determining the relationship between client purchasing decisions and leisure hotel hospitality amenities.
  • The influence of a company’s brand image on tourists’ purchasing decisions.

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Black Tourism

Traveling to historical sites/places connected with death, casualties, and sufferings is known as black tourism, sometimes known as gloomy tourism or mourning tourism.

Battlefields, monuments, castles, Tsunami sites, and Ground Zero are examples of dark or black tourist attractions that can be found in Scotland, India, South Asia, China, and Eastern Europe.

Although dark tourism may not be the best option for many students, it is an intriguing topic to investigate. The following are some possible tourism-related research topics:

  • A qualitative study of how excursions to death/casualty sites might help local communities commercially and socially.
  • Tourists’ attitudes and perceptions of the Taj Mahal in India
  • To research and discover the factors that influence tourists’ decisions to visit India’s memorial monuments.
  • Creating a very successful marketing campaign to promote New Delhi as a tourist destination
  • From the standpoint of travellers, comparing man-made black tourism sites to natural disaster mourning sites
  • Is it true that travellers who frequent dark tourism sites assist the local economy?

IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics on Sustainability and Tourism

At its core, this branch of tourism is concerned with how tourists can live in harmony with the Earth. Ecotourist sites, also known as sustainable tourist destinations, promote fauna and flora as well as cultural legacy. Another goal of eco-tourism is to offer local populations with social and economic benefits. The following are some intriguing ideas worth investigating in this area:

  • The impact of the internet on the expansion of eco-tourism in Punjab is being investigated.
  • Factors influencing Indian customers’ desire to visit an eco-tourism destination
  • Developing and debating ideas to market Kerala as India’s greatest eco-tourist destination.
  • Examining the influence of price on eco-tourism destination selection
  • The use of integrated marketing communication techniques to promote eco-tourism in Kerala is being investigated.
  • Is ecotourism beneficial to local populations in terms of social and economic opportunities?
  • Does Investigating the elements that influence customers’ purchasing decisions when it comes to eco-tourist destinations.

Key Tips on Choosing IGNOU MTTM Dissertation Topics

To earn good grades as an IGNOU MTTM student, you must generate new ideas and experiment with existing tourism and hospitality theories – in other words, you must bring value and interest to the topic of your research.

Tourism and hospitality is a wide field that is intertwined with a variety of other academic fields such as civil engineering, construction, law, and even healthcare. That is why it is critical to develop a tourism and hospitality dissertation topic that is clear, sound, and addresses a real-world issue that exists in the area.

The importance of developing a logical research topic cannot be overstated; it is the foundation of your entire study. There are several important drawbacks to choosing the wrong topic: your supervisor may be unwilling to work on it, the issue lacks academic credibility, the research may not make logical sense, and the study may not be viable.

This has an impact on your time and effort spent writing your IGNOU MTTM Report because you may find yourself in a loop of rejection at the very beginning. That is why, in this stage of your IGNOU MTTM Synopsis, we recommend reviewing existing research to establish a topic, seeking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for support.

If you keep our suggestions in mind while choosing a research topic, you’ll be able to choose one of the greatest tourism and hospitality dissertation themes that not only meets your research paper requirements but also contributes to the body of knowledge.

As a result, it is essential that you read recently published literature while deciding your IGNOU MTTM Project topic in order to uncover holes in the research that you may help fill.

Remember that dissertation themes must be original, tackle a specific problem, be logical, and be feasible to accomplish. To gain ideas for your own dissertation, browse through some of our sample tourism and hospitality dissertation themes.

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