Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health (PGDEOH) | School of Inter-disciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies

Programme Description:
Environmental and Occupational Health focuses on assessing the public health risks associated with biological, chemical, physical, bio mechanical and psycho social hazards in natural and built environments. Environmental health specialists focus on the effect of environmental pollution on the health of human beings. The human health is a reflection of socioeconomic & physical environment. The main link between the workplace and the general environment is that the source of the hazard is usually the same, whether it is an agriculture activity or an industrial activity.

The Programme aims at various concepts related to general environment, the environment at the workplace, related hazards and evaluation of health risk assessment by providing solutions to various aspects of environmental health occupational hazard management, epidemiology, health policy and management, and environmental health promotion. The successful learners will be able to work with health practitioners, researchers and policymakers to develop, evaluate and monitor health policies, programmes and practices related to healthy environments.

Eligibility: 10+2 in Science stream and graduation from any discipline

Medium of Instruction : English

Duration : Minimum 1 year and Maximum 3 years.

Fee Structure : Rs. 6,600/-  for full Programme

Job Prospects:

After successful completion of this diploma program, students find employment opportunities in various industries/ institutions/organizations as risk assessors, occupational· health specialists and food safety experts and also in private sectors as environmental consultants, occupational health professionals, national public health agencies, and environmental institutes/agencies. Further opportunities are also there in environmental health-related agency of the government, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), local health agencies, environmental consulting firms, private industry, non governmental organizations, hospitals, health care organizations, labour organizations, universities and colleges. etc.

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
Compulsory Courses
MEV 1 Introduction to
Environmental Health
MEV 2 Environmental and
Occupational Hazards
MEV 3 Environmental Law
and Management
MEV 4 Environmental
MEV 5 Occupational Health
and Safety
MEVP 1 Project4
Elective Courses
MEVE 1 Environmental
Impact Assessment for
Environmental Health
MEVE 2 Health Care4
MEVE 3 Agriculture and Allied
MEVE 4 Industrial Sector4
Total Credits 32

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