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Procedures for doing the IGNOU CIHL Project Synopsis (BLEP-38)

The primary objective of IGNOU CIHL Project (BLEP-38) is to foster knowledge and skills in the field of International Humanitarian Law, to educate specialists about contemporary issues in International Humanitarian Law in the South Asian region, and the main aim of IGNOU CIHL Project (BLEP-38) is to strengthen the competencies of professionals already working in the field of IHL.

Procedures for doing the IGNOU CIHL Synopsis (BLEP-38)

1. Consider the following points when selecting a subject for the IGNOU CIHL Project (BLEP-38):

  • The topic is timely.
  • The topic’s connection to worries about the environment and workplace health.
  • Immediate access to time.
  • Capability of data collection over a specific time period.
  • The inherent challenges of data collection and techniques for surmounting them.
  • Data collection costs.
  • You must have effective communication skills and a working understanding of the native language.

The IGNOU CIHL Project Proposal should specifically include the title, introduction, goals, problem statement, research methodologies (including the location, sample size, equipment, and statistical techniques to be employed), any limitations, and references.

2. Consult your supervisor for aid in limiting the subject.

Individuals eligible to supervise the IGNOU CIHL project include the following:

a. Faculty members based at the headquarters.

b. academic counselors with a postgraduate degree in environmental or occupational health and relevant experience.

c. Educators/Researchers with a sustainability emphasis.

d. A doctoral degree in environmental science/studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, or a branch of study closely connected to environmental science/studies.

e. A master’s or doctorate degree in environmental science, economics, sociology, anthropology, or a closely related field, as well as at least two years of research or teaching experience.

If the School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies determines that the proposed supervisor is unacceptable, the student will be notified and asked to resubmit the request with an alternative supervisor.

As a result, the student must resubmit the IGNOU CIHL proposal with the signature of the new supervisor, as the submission would be considered fresh. Similarly, if a student switches supervisors for whatever reason, the student must submit the IGNOU CIHL Synopsis together with the new supervisor’s signature on a new project proposal proforma, since this would constitute a new submission.

It’s important for academic counselors to list the courses they are helping students with, how long they are helping, and the name and code of the study center they are in charge of.

The university will give the project supervisor a small payment of Rs. 300 for helping the student. The amount of the payment may change from time to time.

Responsibilities as a Supervisor

  • To give guidance on how to pick a closely focused topic.
  • To encourage students to read books, newspapers, and periodicals; and to meet with professionals in their fields to learn about a variety of intriguing topics.
  • To provide information on the circumstances surrounding the collection of empirical data for the project (if necessary).
  • To inform readers about noteworthy publications.
  • To motivate pupils on a consistent basis and to support them as needed.
  • Encourage kids to work individually and deliberately, rather than mimicking or replicating others.
  • Give them a letter of permission to collect data for their research. The letter of permission could also come from the right study center or regional center.

3. Submission and Approval of a Synopsis for an IGNOU BLEP-38 Project

  • Students should submit the Project Proposal Proforma, one signed copy of the Proposal, and the supervisor’s bio-data to the Coordinator (CIHL), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068, for approval.
  • The deadline for submitting the IGNOU CIHL synopsis is April 30 for students admitted to the January session. Students admitted to the July session should submit their projects by October 31st to ensure timely approval and completion of the programme.
  • Students who do not meet these deadlines may submit an IGNOU CIHL Project Proposal for approval at any point throughout the academic year.

4. Communication of Approval

Within six weeks of submitting the proposal to the School, the student will receive formal notification of the project’s acceptance or rejection through email and normal mail.

5. Reintroduction IGNOU BLEP-38 Project Synopsis Request

If the IGNOU BLEP-38 synopsis they turned in is turned down, the student will receive comments and ideas on how to improve the project. You should submit the updated project proposal along with the revised project proposal proforma, a copy of the rejected project proposal, and the project proposal proforma with the evaluator’s suggestions and assigned P.P. No. (BLEP-38) in this case.

1. Conceptualization

The report should be between 40 and 50 double-spaced pages in length, with a maximum word count of 10,000 words (excluding appendices and exhibits). There can be a difference of 10% on either side, though.

Every project report should include the following sections: title, introduction, objectives, problem statement, research methodology (which should specify the location, sample size, instruments, and statistical techniques to be used), results and discussion, summary, and any constraints.

a) A copy of the approved project proposal and its pro forma.

b) An authentication certificate that the student and the supervisor have both signed.

2. Submission of the Report on the IGNOU CIHL Project

You shall submit the IGNOU CIHL Report in one typed copy to the Registrar (Students Evaluation Division), Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068. IGNOU will give you a P.R. No. and send it to the student after you submit the IGNOU CIHL Report. When communicating with the Student Evaluation Division on the project report, the student should refer to this P.R.No.

You may submit a project report at any time during the year. If a project report is submitted between December 1 and May 31, the outcome will be announced during the June term-end examinations. If a project report is filed between June 1 and November 30, the results will be made public during the December term-end examinations.

To download the IGNOU CIHL Project & IGNOU CIHL Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;


IGNOU Project

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