IGNOU BCA course is for those who are interested in entering the IT field and make computing as their career. IGNOU BCA course can be pursued by students who have finished their higher secondary education and can take it further by later on pursuing their studies in MCA. There are also a great number of opportunities for the graduates of this field. The duration of the IGNOU BCA is three years, which can be completed in a maximum time of six years. If any student is not capable of completing their IGNOU BCA in the given time then he/she can also apply for an extension which will be granted to a further of two years.


Many students know nowadays a bachelor degree cannot do great alone, so the student has to do a master degree for good job options. And MCA will provide job options IGNOU BCA alone cannot give such kind of stability. The IGNOU BCA students need to do MCA regular so that they will get job easily in MNC’s. and their value will be double after doing MCA. Getting admission for IGNOU BCA course is too easy, but the job availability is too less for only IGNOU BCA pass out. BCA degree is of no importance today. The best option after BCA is to get admission in MCA course. Students programming skills will be developed after doing MCA. Job is the risk if the student gets a good job then they can learn in a job but there are many technical skills which you will learn in MCA.


The IGNOU BCA course has been divided into two semesters per year which are from January to July and the second is from July to December. There are examinations conducted at the end of each semester, which suggests that examinations are conducted twice a year. Examinations are conducted in June for the January to June session and then, one is conducted in December for the July to December session. The students decide to choose between either of the examinations and needs to complete the minimum duration and other rules designated for the programme. The results can be delayed or cancelled in case it is found that the student’s registration to the course is unreasonable. Students need to know their own need to make sure that their important fee, minimum attendance and other such requirements are satisfied before appearing in the fifth term-end examinations.


NO, now there is no entrance exam in IGNOU for admission, Student can take admission in BCA without any entrance exam. There is no entrance exam concerning now.


The IGNOU BCA course fees will be 36,000/- for full Programme to be paid Semester wise Rs. 6,000/- and the students are recommended to stay updated on the latest rules as the fee can be changed when the IGNOU decides. Bachelors of computer sciences (BCA) need a student to have passed High school Certificate (10+2) exam from any stream with English as passing the subject with minimum  45% marks at 12th Standard.


  1. Computer Graphic 
  2. Personal Information Management
  3. System Analytics
  4. Programming Language
  5. Database Management 
  6. Word Processing 
  7. Internet Technologies 
  8. Animations
  9. Accounting applications 
  10. Music and video processing 


The requirement for IGNOU BCA  is increasing day by day with the rapid growth of the IT industries. After completing BCA there is a wide range of jobs accessible both in government and private companies. BCA can also find career options in a broad range of other industries. Some are mentioned below:-

  1. BCA Students can be very successful as the field of Computer Networking is one of the greatest sides of IT. 
  2. Students doing IGNOU BCA can find profitable job opportunities in leading IT companies like Oracle, IBM, Infosys and Wipro. 
  3. The BCA Students can become an IT professional with the job of developing new software to facilitate the working environment; combining the software with enduring systems and documenting software functionality.
  4. BCA Students can also make for themselves a career in application development, which is a highly trending industry. 
  5. Recruitment for BCA bachelors can also take place in the public sector or Government organizations like the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and India Navy hire many computer professionals for their IT department.
  6. A BCA degree provides a student to work in the software industry immediately after graduation. This is because it helps the student develop programming skills, which can land him a high paying job in the positions of software developer, software and so on. 
  7. If the BCA student has in-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and other publishing tools, then he/she can join the printing press company which includes the leading newspaper agencies. 
  8.  BCA Students who have a piece of great knowledge and skill in programming and programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, and Perl can study for careers in the IT industry with web development as the framework. 

Now you are provided with all the information regarding IGNOU BCA. We hope the aforementioned article helps you. If you have any doubt, drop your queries below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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