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Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme (BPP) – Non-Formal Channel to B.A./B.Com/BSW

Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme is offered by the University to those students who wish to do Bachelor’s Degree of IGNOU but do not have the essential qualifications of having passed 10+2 and attained the age of 18 years/as on 1st April and 1st October for January & July session respectively. In the absence of such a qualifying certificate these students are deprived of higher education. To enable such students to enter higher education stream, IGNOU has designed this preparatory programme. BPP is, however, not equivalent to 10+2 and has no credit weightage. It is valid for admission to IGNOU’s non-formal stream of BA/ B.Com. etc.


No Formal Qualification, Minimum age  – 18 years. The applicant should complete 18  years of age by    1st April for the preceding January session and 1st October for preceding July session of the year.

BPP is a Bridge Course (non-credit course) of six months duration for those who do not have 10+2, but attained the age of 18 years as on 1st April and 1st October and seeking admission in the preceding January and July sessions respectively. BPP is valid for seeking admission only to IGNOU’s first degree B.A./B.Com etc. under non-formal stream (non 10+2 stream).

At no stage  BPP is treated as equivalent to 10+2. It  is also not equivalent to Matric. No Certificate is issued on successful completion of BPP.

UGC Regulations, 1985 (Notification No.F.1-117/83(CP) dated 25th Nov.1985) published in the Gazette of India regarding minimum standards of instructions for the grant of first degree through non-formal/
distance education in the faculties of Arts, Humanities, Fine Arts, Music, Social  Sciences,  Commerce  and Sciences, prescribed the minimum age limit of 21 years. The age limit has been brought down to 18 years for admission to the First Degree under non-formal/distance education in the said faculties through another Notification No.F.1-117/83(CPP-II) dated 18th Oct.1995 published in the Gazette of India by University Grants Commission.

Medium of Instruction: English and Hindi

Duration: Minimum 6 months and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 1,200/- for full programme

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course
(Choose any two
of these courses)
OMT 101 Preparatory Course in General
OSS 101 Preparatory Course in Social
PCO 1 Preparatory Course in Commerce

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