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IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Guidelines M.Sc. (MACS)

An Overview of IGNOU MMTP 1 Project work M.Sc. (MACS)

The IGNOU MMTP 1 Project work M.Sc. (MACS) is a required component of the curriculum, and you must do it with attention and honesty. It allows you to apply your fundamental mathematical knowledge, tools, and techniques to real-world challenges connected to industry, academic institutions, research and development organizations, and software firms. It is strongly advised that you select a project that closely fits in with your regular business operations. You can create a project problem on your own or with the assistance of your project manager. After you’ve solved the problem, submit an IGNOU MMTP 1 synopsis to the program facilitator at your center for approval. You can start working on it once it has been approved.

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Steps Associated with IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Work M.Sc. (MACS)

The following steps in the project will assist you in arranging the project work:

  • Choose a topic and a project supervisor.
  • Create the project proposal in collaboration with the project manager.
  • Send the IGNOU MMTP 1 synopsis and all required paperwork to the program facilitator of your program study center.
  • Obtaining project permission from the program facilitator.
  • Complete the project task.
  • Finish the project report.
  • Send the bound copy of the project report, as well as the CD containing the soft copy, to the Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.
  • According to the program facilitator’s instructions, attend the viva-voce at your program study center.

Formulation of IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Proposal

Following the completion of the topic, you should prepare the project proposal in collaboration with the project supervisor. Your project proposal should be around 1500 words long and include the following:

  • Project title.
  • Project introduction and objectives.
  • How to do the work and what tools to use for the job.
  • Utility or scope of the work done.
  • Future research directions for the subject under consideration.

Submission of IGNOU MMTP 1 Synopsis

After completing the IGNOU MMTP 1 Synopsis, submit it to the Program Facilitator of your Program Study Center, together with the Project Proposal Proforma, completely filled out and signed by you and your project supervisor. It is necessary to retain a complete photocopy of the IGNOU MMTP 1 Synopsis, including the Project Proforma, for future reference.

Remember to fill out all of the approval proforma fields with suitable and comprehensive information. Please ensure that all approval proformas are complete before submission. Forms that are incomplete won’t be accepted.

Writing the IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Report

An IGNOU MMTP 1 Report should be between 7000 and 8000 words long and include the following information:

  • Index/Table of Contents
  • An overview of the project.
  • Set goals.
  • Techniques (survey, data, tools, and techniques used).
  • Outcomes.
  • Results analysis/interpretation
  • The conclusion.
  • Ideas for improvement (future scope and further enhancement of the project).
  • Conclusion.
  • References.
  • Annotations (if any).

The project report should include the original copy of the approved project proposal proforma and the certificate of originality.

Points to Consider When Writing the IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Report

1. Please ensure that the printed IGNOU MMTP 1 Report is delivered on A-4 size paper (29 x 20 cm) with double line spacing. Additionally, include a CD with a soft copy of the report in PDF format. Accurate documentation of the project report is essential, specifically about the analysis, survey (if applicable), tools, techniques, and strategies utilized, and other relevant aspects of your project.

2. Sequential numbering is mandatory for all pages, tables, and figures in the IGNOU MMTP 1 Report. Tables and figures must have titles.

3. Do not forget to include the following papers with your project report:

• The original of the authorized Form-A.

• The signed Form-B by you and the project supervisor.

If these papers are not included, the project report will not meet the necessary requirements.

4. Your project title should be the same as the title of the accepted proposal. The project supervisor’s signature on the certificate of originality should match the signature on the project proposal proforma.

5. You must hand or registered mail one bound copy of the original project report as well as the CD containing the soft copy to the Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, and keep a zerox copy with you. You may need to give this document to the examiner during the viva voce examination.

6. Write “M.Sc. (MACS) Project Report (MMTP-001)” on the top of the envelope.

7. You are not permitted to submit a photocopy of the project report.

8. You must do the project work alone and independently. IGNOU will reject project applications and/or project reports that are completely similar.

9. You must provide any relevant data/device/object with your project report to support your conclusions/recommendations.

10. You should not pay the project supervisor any fees or remuneration. The university will pay the supervisor.

Submission of IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Report

You must send one bound copy of the original project report, as well as a CD containing a soft copy of the report in PDF format, to The Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.

On the top of the envelope, clearly write “M.Sc. (MACS)-Project Report (MMTP-001).” You should save a copy of the project report since you will need it for the viva-voce.

List of IGNOU MMTP 1 Project Topics for M.Sc. (MACS)

Some of the issues that might be investigated in the study include:

1. The stability/performance of a machine over time.

2. The amount of traffic at various (recognized) sites along a chosen ‘route’ in a city.

3. Emission levels at various locations within a city.

4. An examination of a city’s crime rates.

5. Levels of water contamination in drinkable water.

6. Marketing-related concerns.

(i) Supermarket demand for a certain brand(s) of a specified “product” ii) Retail market percentage of loyal consumers iii) Customer satisfaction difficulties with cosmetic items

7. Exam-related concerns

(i) How can the dimension of the data connected to student admission, registration, and examination be reduced?

ii) How are exam scores calculated?

8. Ability to reason rationally, abstractly, and mathematically.


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