IGNOU Assignment Format

What is the first point we should keep in mind before making the Assignment?

 The main points we should keep in mind before writing or preparing the assignment, we have to read every point of assignment carefully which is given in the section. This is necessary for us to follow each and every point so that the assignment will be approved with any kind of issue so that we can get a reward for our hard work in the grad card.

What to write on the first page of Assignment?

We don’t need to get confused about this we just have to make a list of all required details and information to be written at the front page of our assignment solution. Each and every detail given at the following list:

  • programme full name
  • courses name 
  • courses title
  • Assignment code
  • study center 
  • session 
  • mobile no.
  • student name
  • address
  • signature 
  • date

Is it compulsory to write the Question along with the answers?

It’s not compulsory to write Question along with the answer but it’s always a best practice to write the question along with its number in the question paper. So that there is no need for evaluator to turn the pages to check the question that corresponds to the question number. Less irritation to evaluator means more marks for you. And you can also write in both sides of the paper.

What steps we should take care after completing the assignment?

 After completing the assignment tie the loose papers with treasury tag. Make separate bundle for each assignment. That means MSO-001 assignment bundle, MSO-002 assignment bundle etc. It’s better to take xerox of your assignments to keep the copies with you.

What is the final step of submission the assignment?

We can submit assignments by post or in hand at our Study Center. Do not forget to take Acknowledgement slip. In general, while submitting exam fee, they will ask us to show acknowledgement slip to make sure assignments are submitted. Even if we pay the exam fee online, it’s always safe side to keep your acknowledgement slip with us till our course is over.