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IGNOU MTTM Project | MTTM 16 Dissertation

IGNOU MTTM Project (MTTM 16) Dissertation

Description of the IGNOU MTTM Project

The IGNOU MTTM Project (MTTM 16 Dissertation) is a professional research project that helps students develop skills for managing the tourism industry. The IGNOU MTTM Project is designed to help students gain the expertise needed for positions such as hotel managers, travel consultants, and ticketing assistants. IGNOU MTTM Project Dissertation (MTTM 16) also provides students with an understanding of the theory and practice of tourism and travel management.

How long should the MTTM 16 dissertation be?

According to IGNOU, the size of an IGNOU MTTM dissertation depends on the theme of the project, but it should be around 100 pages long, typed in double space, and in A4-sized paper. The dissertation should also be bound.

Before binding the MTTM dissertation, it should also include the supervisor’s approved research proposal. The dissertation should also clearly state the research methodology used and provide a diagram of things to inquire about.

The dissertation work is worth eight credits, and the student is expected to spend about 240 study hours in completing it. To be able to successfully complete the degree, the student must secure a minimum of 40% of marks (Grade D).

Sample Topics for IGNOU MTTM Project

  • Marketing Of Tourism Destinations with Special Reference to Golden Triangle
  • A Study on the Services of Hotel Industry
  • Role of Travel Agency in Promotion of Indian Tourism: A Case Study of Thomas Cook (India) Limited
  • Financial Performance of Country Club Hospitality &Amp; Holidays
  • Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Radisson Blue Hotel
  • Study about Training Effectiveness in Luxury Hotels

What is the recommended structure for the IGNOU MTTM Project?

A typical structure includes:

  • Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures/Tables (if applicable)
  • Chapters:
  • Introduction (background, research objectives)
  • Literature Review (existing research on your topic)
  • Research Methodology (how you conducted your research)
  • Findings and Analysis (presentation and interpretation of data)
  • Discussion (broader implications of your findings)
  • Conclusion (summary and key takeaways)
  • Recommendations (suggestions for future research/practice)
  • References
  • Appendices (if applicable)

Can you change your IGNOU MTTM Dissertation topic after approval?

Yes, you can change your IGNOU MTTM dissertation topic after it has been approved, but you must submit a formal request with justification for the change and a new proposal for review and approval. Changing your topic may affect your timeline for completing the dissertation.

You should also consider how far along you are in your research before you make the decision to change your topic. You can talk to your supervisor to make sure this isn’t going to cause problems. For example, the answer might be “its fine, just carry on” or “no, you need a new approval because you’re doing something different”.

You can change your MTTM Project topic whenever you like. For example, if you find that once you start writing, you aren’t satisfied, or if another idea pops into your head, you can always mold your plan to your new ideas.

Is primary research mandatory for MTTM 16 Project?

No, primary research (collecting your own data) is not mandatory for the MTTM Project (MTTM 16 Dissertation). There are two main approaches you can consider:

Primary Research: This involves collecting your own data through surveys, interviews, experiments, or other methods as approved in your proposal. It allows you to gather specific information relevant to your research question.

Secondary Research: This relies on existing data and information from credible sources like academic journals, industry reports, government publications, and other scholarly works. You can analyze and interpret this data in the context of your research question.

The decision of which approach to take depends on several factors, including:

Your research topic is: Some topics may be better suited for primary research to gather specific data, while others might have sufficient existing research available.

Feasibility: Consider the resources and time required for primary research, such as participant recruitment, data collection, and analysis.

Supervisor’s guidance: Discuss your research plan with your supervisor. They can advise you on the most appropriate approach for your chosen topic.

How do you find relevant research materials for the IGNOU MTTM dissertation?

Finding relevant research materials is crucial for a strong IGNOU MTTM project. Here are some key resources to explore:

IGNOU Library Resources: 

Your starting point should be IGNOU’s library. They offer a wealth of resources, including:

  • Books and periodicals: Access print and e-books related to tourism and travel management.
  • Databases: Utilize online databases subscribed to by IGNOU. These provide access to a vast collection of scholarly journals, articles, and reports relevant to your field.
  • E-Resources: Explore IGNOU’s e-resources section for online access to journals, conference proceedings, and other digital materials.

Online Databases:

Venture beyond IGNOU’s resources and explore broader academic databases. Some popular options include:

  • EBSCOhost provides access to a vast collection of scholarly journals, ebooks, and other publications.
  • JSTOR offers a rich archive of academic journals across various disciplines, including tourism and travel management.
  • ScienceDirect: A database specifically focusing on scientific and technical journals, potentially valuable for research on specific aspects of tourism.

Academic Journals:

Search for relevant academic journals in the field of tourism and travel management. Look for peer-reviewed journals with a strong reputation for publishing high-quality research.

  • Tourism Management is a leading journal in the field, publishing research on various aspects of tourism.
  • Journal of Travel Research: Another prominent journal focusing on travel research, marketing, and consumer behavior.
  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism: Explore this journal for research on sustainable practices in tourism.

Industry Reports:

Don’t neglect industry reports and publications from reputable organizations within the tourism and travel sectors. These can provide valuable insights into current trends, challenges, and data relevant to your research.

  • World Tourism Organization (UNWTO): Access reports and data on global tourism trends.
  • World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC): Explore reports on the economic impact of travel and tourism.

Search Tips:

Here are some effective search strategies to find relevant materials:

  • Keywords: Identify relevant keywords related to your research topic. Use synonyms and related terms to broaden your search.
  • Boolean Operators: Utilize Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to refine your searches within databases and online platforms.
  • Filters: Many databases allow filtering results by publication date, author, or subject area to narrow down your search.

What are some resources available to help you with the IGNOU MTTM Project?

There are several valuable resources at your disposal to aid you with your MTTM 16 Dissertation. Here’s a breakdown of some key options:

University Resources:

  • IGNOU Study Materials (SLMs): These self-learning modules for the MTTM program provide foundational knowledge and can be a helpful starting point, especially for understanding key concepts related to tourism and travel management.
  • IGNOU Library: As mentioned earlier, IGNOU’s library offers a treasure trove of resources, including books, online databases, and e-resources. Utilize librarians for assistance in navigating these resources and finding relevant materials.
  • University Workshops/Seminars: Check if IGNOU offers workshops or seminars specifically on dissertation writing or research methodology. Attending these sessions can equip you with valuable skills and strategies.

Online Resources:

  • Research Methodology Tutorials: Numerous websites and educational platforms offer tutorials and guides on research methodology. These can provide a strong foundation for planning and conducting your research.
  • Academic Writing Resources: Websites dedicated to academic writing offer guidance on proper citation styles, structuring arguments, and crafting clear and concise prose – all essential skills for your dissertation.
  • Online Forums/Communities: Consider joining online forums or communities for postgraduate students or those specifically focused on tourism and travel management research. These can be valuable platforms for peer-to-peer learning, sharing experiences, and seeking advice from fellow researchers.

Additional Support:

  • Supervisor: Your supervisor is a crucial resource throughout the dissertation process. Schedule regular meetings to discuss your progress, seek guidance on research methods, and receive feedback on your work.
  • External Resources: Depending on your research topic, consider seeking guidance from industry experts or professionals within the tourism and travel management sector. They can offer practical insights and real-world perspectives relevant to your research.

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