IGNOU Assignment Submission Date

What is the last date of submitting assignments 2019?

The last date of submitting assignments 2019 is 31st March 2019. 

It will always be extended.

What is the weightage of the assignments in IGNOU?

Its 30% weight for Assignment and 70% weight for the TEE.

How can I check my Ignou assignment?

Visit this link of IGNOU Official Website for Assignment Status – https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

For Assignment/ Project/ Practical Submission Status Checking, Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.

Enter the Programme Code

Hit Submit Button and your Status will open up.

Can we submit Ignou assignments late?

We may or we may not submit IGNOU assignments late. 

The Late fee is not for Late Submission of Assignments 

Actually, there’s NO Fee at all to submit the signed Assignments. 

Hence, if we don’t want to submit a late fee, then either submit the assignment and examination form before or on March 31st or September 30.

How can I get good marks in IGNOU assignments?

To get good marks in IGNOU assignments we should follow the followings methods:

  1. The matter (answers) should be ours.
  2. We should not copy the answer of each and every question from the internet or from our study material.
  3. We have to write answers in our language while writing assignments. 
  4. The more we show our efforts in writing, the more we will be noticed while checking the assignments.
  5. The presentation matters.
  6. The pages of our work should be properly attached inside a file.
  7. All answers should be written in a good handwriting.
  8. Proper indentation must be used.
  9. Each and every answer should be properly numbered.
  10. Only white A4 sheets should be used while writing answers.
  11. A copy of printed assignments should be attached in the starting of the file along with assignment code for further reference.