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We are engaged in offering excellent quality IGNOU MPCE-021 COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY HELP BOOKS to our valuable clients. We have been engaged in offering complete solution to the IGNOU students. Our self learning materials enable students learn about the subject and prepare for their examinations. A perusal of past questions papers gives an idea of the type of questions asked, the paper pattern and so on, it is for this benefit, we provide these IGNOU MPCE-021 COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY HELP BOOKS …. Students are advised to refer these solutions in conjunction with their reference books. It will help you to improve your exam preparations.


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Counseling is distinguished from other mental health disciplines by both its history and its emphasis. It focuses on development and the prevention of serious mental health problems through education and short term treatments. It emphasises on growth as well as remediation. It focuses on providing therapeutic treatments to clients who experience a wide variety of symptoms. It is also one of the largest specialty areas within psychology.
Counseling as a profession is relatively new. It grew out of the guidance movement, in opposition to traditional psychotherapy. In order to understand what counseling is, you must first understand these concepts.
Counseling is often performed face to face in confidential sessions between the
counselor and client(s). However, counselling can also be undertaken by
telephone, in writing and, in these days of the Internet, by email or video
conferencing. Counselling can and may take many different formats to bring a
person to a better understanding of himself and others. It can therefore be seen
that counselling can be of benefit to a person experiencing problems in finding,
forming, and maintaining relationships.
It is the ability to listen and respond in a way that will help others solve their own
problems and attain their potential. It is the art of helping others arrive at the
right answer by their own analysis of the situation and the facts. It has to be done
skillfully without an attempt to influence the values and beliefs of the client.
Counseling involves talking with a person in a way that helps the person solve
a problem or helps to create conditions that will cause the person to understand
and/or improve his behaviour, character, values or life circumstances. It is
a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach decisions affecting
their life. Often counselling is sought out at times of change or crisis, however it
need not be so as counselling can also help us at any time of our life.


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