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Welcome to IGNOU PROJECT, Here in IGNOU MPCE-23 BOOK INTERVENTION IN COUNSELLING Section, You will find IGNOU MPCE-023 Books, which will help all those students who didn’t receive books by post can study online by Contacting us.

We are engaged in offering excellent quality IGNOU MPCE-23 BOOK INTERVENTION IN COUNSELLING to our valuable clients. We have been engaged in offering complete solution to the IGNOU students. Our self learning materials enable students learn about the subject and prepare of their examinations. A perusal of past questions papers gives an idea of the type of questions asked, the paper pattern and so on, it is for this benefit, we provide these MPCE – 023 INTERVENTION IN COUNSELLING IGNOU HELP BOOKS …. Students are advised to refer these solutions in conjunction with their reference books. It will help you to improve your exam preparations.


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Psychodynamic therapy (or Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy as it is sometimes called)
is a general name for therapeutic approaches which try to get the patient to bring to
the surface their true feelings, so that they can experience them and understand
them. Like psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy uses the basic assumption
that everyone has an unconscious mind (this is sometimes called the subconscious),
and that feelings held in the unconscious mind are often too painful to be faced. Thus
we come up with defenses to protect us knowing about these painful feelings. An
example of one of these defenses is called denial, which you may have already come
Psychodynamic therapy assumes that these defenses have gone wrong and are causing
more harm than good that is why you have needed to seek help. It tries to unravel
them, as once again, it is assumed that once you are aware of what is really going on
in your mind the feelings will not be as painful.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy takes as its roots the work of Freud (who most
people have heard of) and Melanie Klien (who developed the work with children)
and Jung (who was a pupil of Freud’s yet broke away to develop his own theories).
Psychodynamics takes the approach that our past affects our present. Those who
forget history are doomed to repeat it, and this is the same for an individual. Though
we may repress very early experiences (thus we do not remember them), the
theory is that the “Id” never forgets the experiences. As a child if we had been
rewarded with sweets, even today when matured and grown up we reach out for
the tub of ice cream whenever we are depressed and we want cheering up.


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