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Ignou MSCDFSM (Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management) Project and Synopsis

The need for providing professional dietetics was first felt in India, somewhere around 1949. Realizing the need, a one year post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition (DDPHN) was introduced in many universities. At that time, the diploma along with a graduate degree (B .Sc. Home-Science) was taken as the eligibility criteria for the post of dieticians in hospitals. A candidate with this qualification was considered fully trained and competent to handle the Dietetic Department of any hospital. Subsequently, in the last decade or so, to meet the demands placed by modernization, industrialization and changes in the area of nutritional sciences and dietetics, a Master’s programme in Nutrition and Dietetics was introduced. IGNOU MSCDFSM (MSC in Dietetics and Food Service Management) learners have trouble with their Project completion on time. This happen just because the student have no time to write their project as they are working. We offer IGNOU MSCDFSM Project Report and Synopsis to all the learners who are looking for it.

What is so Unique About the M.Sc. (DFSM) Programme?

The Masters programme in Dietetics and Food Service Management offered by IGNOU is unique and innovative in many respects. The salient features of this programme are:

Graduates or its equivalent from science, medical, health background can seek admission provided they have a basic degree (Diploma, Certificate) in the area of nutrition from IGNOU.

Both male and female students can seek admission.

Every student of M.Sc.(DFSM) is placed at a programme study centre close to his/her residence to attend both the theory and practical sessions .

Student can study at his/her own pace and convenience over a period of 2 to 5 years.

Student can study at his/her own chosen place.

Indigenously prepared self-instructional print materials are provided to students.

Print materials are supported with audio and video programmes.

Multi-media programme package is available in English.


One Typed of the Project Report is for the most part to be submitted to the Registrar, IGNOU, MAIDAN GARHI, Delhi-110068. Once the student presents the Project Report, A PR Number is allocated which is conveyed to the student. The student can convey this number while reaching the SR&E division.

Dear IGNOU students, If you are looking for the IGNOU MSCDFSM ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECT REPORT SYNOPSIS, We here to help you. It is our pleasure to help you. Here you will be able to download the IGNOU ASSIGNMENTS & Proposal.


Just mail your subjects or demand at [email protected] or you can call or WhatsApp us at +91 9958947060(BHAVYA KUMAR SAHNI) (WhatsApp)

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IGNOU Project

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  1. dr a a Qureshi
    April 4, 2018 Reply

    Mscdfam is potitional source of education in dietetics and in research in medical science many allopath doctors and pharmacist are did mscdfsm
    As this course
    Many person are interested PhD after macdfsm but the many university asked regular education as in mscdfm is as equal to regular 19 subjects and practicals Avery practical are need compulsory attended 20 to 40 days require for each
    Dissertation project internship
    Good source of knowledge
    But when asked for transcription certified will provide distance mode
    I request to university of IGNOU why university is not including mscdfsm in IGNOU regular mode

    • Ignou
      April 10, 2018 Reply


  2. Pawandeep
    March 20, 2019 Reply

    Hi could you please provide me the assignment for the following:
    Degree-M.Sc. (DFSM)

    Course Codes⬇








    • Ignou
      March 20, 2019 Reply


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